Is Tiger Woods the BEST golfer ever?

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There are four equally valid answers to seemingly simple question.

Yes. No. Maybe. Dumb question.

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  1. Yes. Look at his career statistics.
  2. No. Look at those of Jack Nicklaus.
  3. Maybe. Compare Jack and Tiger.
  4. Dumb question. Unanswerable because they didn’t compete against each other.


  • Consider this. There are 70 golfers all time with at least 14 wins on tour.
  • 9 are contemporaries of Tiger. They compiled 19 majors, the most by Mickelson with 5. Amassed 178 Tour Wins. The most again by Mickelson with 44.
  • 9 are contemporaries of Jack. The complied 34 majors, the most by Player with 9. Amassed 277 Tour wins, the most by Palmer with 62.
  • We can look at any number of different statistical comparisons.
  • Depth of International fields favors Tiger 7 international major winners to 2.
  • WGC Wins is no contest. The event wasn’t played in Nicklaus’s time. Tiger has 18. No one else has more than 6.
  • Number of majors favors Jack 18-14.
  • Number of Tour wins favors Tiger 80-73.
  • Percentage of cuts made favors Tiger. 92%-86%.
  • Cut streak favors Tiger 142 – 105.
  • Percentage of wins per event played favors Tiger 23% - 12%
  • Level of competition favors Jack 34 majors to 19 and 277 tour wins to 178.
  • Jack has 19 second-place finishes in majors.
  • Tiger has the lowest career scoring average in history. And the lowest single season scoring average.
  • Tiger is the only golfer that’s held all four majors at the same time.
  • Jack came back to win a major 8 times. Tiger never.
  • Tiger had the greatest run of peak form success ever.
  • Jack had the greatest career performance.
  • Both demolished their contemporaries in majors and tour wins.
Tiger Woods Goat

Taking all the numbers into consideration this writer is going out on a limb and saying its impossible to decide. It’s a combination of all four possibilities. There are valid arguments for both Jack and Tiger. The statistics favor Tiger. Majors favors Jack.

The sad, simple truth? They didn’t compete against each other. So, we’ll never know for sure.

What do you, our readers think? Let us know.