Tiger Woods 2019 Masters - The Celebration & Journey

Iain Highfield
  • Author: Iain Highfield
  • GLT Director
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Tiger Woods wins the 2019 Masters, check out this video on both the celebration & the journey!


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Video Transcript

[00:00:00] We ever see it. But here it is. The return to glory.


[00:00:42] His competitive career is over. Yes. Competitive. Yes I think so. You know his playing career it's the it's the perfect storm of things to rob you of your game. You know.


[00:00:55] A bad back. You don't change your golf swing. Problems with your short game. Big problems with your short game. Those are competitive things. And that's the trifecta of things to rob you of your career.


[00:01:10] What you see now is Tiger Woods just as interested in befriending folks as he is against them. That is not what winners are made of. He is finished. Lesson. I do. Yesterday I. Had to catch a. Anything I got is not a rip. I. Own them all but the big to share it as. Well. Must not be going up like a crescendo. But it. Shakes from the.


[00:02:00] Flags. I do not want to be Fresno. And say I. Love this man. It is not a nice. Song. This a black strip. Oh man. Well some. Bits of fluff. Let's play. The. Best. Song. Possible flood you Sam.


[00:02:31] Would jump in the gram. I want to grab it. Driving. Like a limp guy gotta go. One. Day they call him up on a time. Joe.


[00:03:17] Wanted a jeweler but a one on like a. I'm gonna put you on your best jumper. Do not piss me. Go on a dip in but the core of my rich multimillion dollar home long before with the hip hop up in the moment. I mean what you really need to punish me dumb and I've been to this summer since I was younger. You know a lot of them a lot of it has given me the yellow tape.


[00:03:51] But the the cash accumulated until we come into play out [Unrecognized] the amateur put my mind on it did not put my ground on but to make a map on cold. I did not know myself. But here it is.


[00:04:06] The.


[00:06:50] I never thought we'd see anything that could rival the hug with his father. Nineteen. Ninety seven. But. We just did.