Hole 7 at The Masters, Pampas

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Hole 7 Augusta National

Hole No. 7 


Pampas - Par 4


Historical Average: 4.14 (11) Low Year: 3.986 (2001) High Year: 4.402 (1972)


The drive on this tight hole is often played to the left-center of the fairway to set up a second shot from a level lie. From there, a short to mid-iron may be played, but it is important to avoid the three bunkers in front of the green and the two behind. The seventh hole lacked character until Horton Smith, the 1934 and 1936 Masters* Champion, suggested that the green be rebuilt and that bunkers be added.


Hole 7 Augusta National

The Masters highlight:

Byron Nelson drove the green in the 1937 Masters for a two-putt birdie when it played at 320 yards. That inspired Augusta National to alter the hole, moving the green back 20 yards and to the right on an upslope and surrounding the green with bunkers.

The Masters lowlight:

Defending champion Charles Coody, coming off an ace on the sixth hole, struggled to get out of the front bunker and took a triple-bogey 7 in the first round of 1972.2


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