Augusta National Golf Club FAQ

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A simple Q and A.

What about The Masters and Augusta National Golf Club is on everyones minds leading up to this weeks tournament action. Here are a few of the most pressing concerns.


Q. What makes Augusta National such a great golf course?

A. Several factors. The undulation and speed of the greens place an absolute premium on precision ball striking on approach shots. Which translates to an added premium on driving it in play and long. The Par 3’s historically rank among the hardest to score on. The hilly nature of the terrain demands optimal physical condition. The lies are especially unforgiving. Sidehill, uphill and downhill lies abound.


Q. What is the yardage for Augusta national golf club course?

A. 7,435 Yards from the tournament tees.


Q. What is the size of the 12th green at Augusta national?

A. Somewhere in the neighborhood of the course average of 6,435 square feet. By the way, the greens are bent.


Q. What does the ‘Masters Tournament’ mean?

A. It’s simply the name that Clifford Roberts envisioned when he and Bobby Jones founded the event. From 1934 to 1939 it was named the Augusta National Invitational Tournament because Jones thought “The Masters” was too presumptuous. He then relented and starting in 1940 the tournament officially became The Masters. A side-note. It’s by invitation only. You must fit specific criteria to be invited such as winning a tournament in the previous 12 months. Or being ranked in the top 50 of the Official World Golf Rankings the previous year.


Q. How much is it to play a round of golf at Augusta national?

A. This is the $64,000 question. Simply put, you can’t play there without a member vouching for and inviting you. So, unless you know one of the 300 or so members you’re out of luck. The only other people who get to play are the tourament marshalls and volunteers.


Q. Can you wear t-shirts at the Masters Golf Tournament?

A. No. Golf shirts, golf pants and similar attire are required.


Q. Who owns Augusta National Golf Course?

A. Augusta National Golf Course is owned by a private company called, Augusta National, Inc. The company was founded in 1932


Q. Are the greens at Augusta National unfair to competitive golf?

A. No. And yes, No, they are fair for competitive professional golf. Tournament golfers are so precise in their shot making and putting mechanics that the speeds and undulations are not unfair. The greens they play SHOULD make precision putting an absolute. However, for the average low, mid, and high handicap golfer, the answer is a resounding yes. Play would crawl to a halt. And scores would skyrocket.


Q. Do they use the main course at Augusta for regular play?

A. Yes. Members and their invited guests play the course from October through May. They play from the members tees at 6,365 yards.


Q. How to become a member at Augusta National?

A. One way is to become very, very rich. Then, become acquainted with other very, very rich people who happen to be members. Then hope that someone dies or resigns. Then hope you are on the short list to be asked to join. In other words, by invitation only. And, you can’t ask to be considered. Another way is to be related to a member. Hopefully upon the members death the membership will pass to you. Otherwise, there is no way possible.