Matt Wolff's Golf Swing and More

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  • Author: Michael Rosenwasser
  • Content Writer & Developer
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Witness Matt Wolff. And his golf swing.

By the way, there’s way more to Matt Wolff, but we’ll get to that later.

An awful lot has been thrown out into the golf universe about how it's all mechanics or it's all physics. Expositions on kinetic forces, coefficients of momentum, attack angles, negative gamma forces, positive beta forces. His coach’s swing philosophy. Yada, yada, yada.

That excessive verbiage analyzes the execution of his swing. But little else.

Here’s the big “what’s missing.” The Matt Wolff puzzle piece!

Nothing about Matt Wolff the person. It's about Matt Wolff the son and Matt Wolff’s parents. Matt Wolff the friend and Matt Wolff’s friends. Matt Wolff’s coach. Matt Wolff’s mind.

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Simply put, his golf swing, every golfers’ swing, is the product of many more external and internal forces than simply the kinetics or physics of the swing. A swing can’t be programmed into the motor system like downloading an app to a phone. It’s exceedingly more important to look at the factors that existed long before the swing evolved and the environments that fueled it.

To wit:

  • Matt's parental influence - Perhaps the biggest factor that's routinely overlooked.
  • Matt's social and physical environment - Did his friends play golf? Did he play other sports? What type of course did he grow up on? How far did he live from the golf course? What were his practice habits?
  • Matt's psychological excellence - His ability to deal with stress, perform under pressure, and deal with adversity all surpass the mechanics of the golf swing. The golf swing is irrelevant if you can't access that motor pattern under stress.
  • His coaches' communication skills and decision-making processes rather than his coaches' swing philosophy - The coach must adapt his philosophy to his player's mental and physical essence.


It’s Matt Wolff the person that does amazing things on the golf course, not Matt Wolff the golf swing. All the aforementioned factors that are the essence of the individual should be the components - the building blocks - that transform the student into the golfer and what coaches must study to achieve overall golf playing excellence, not merely the movement of the golf club.


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