The Visio Mi Putting Template and You

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  • Author: Michael Rosenwasser
  • Content Writer & Developer
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Tiger Putting

I am going to start you off with some technical data. Make sure you stay awake.

(A) A putter face that is 2 degrees open at impact will miss the hole from 5 feet! For a putt to go in at 8 feet the angle of the face needs to less than 1 degree open or closed. Increase the distance to 15 feet and the putter face needs to less than 0.5 of a degree open or closed. 

Can you tell the difference between 1 degree closed or open to your target line? I can’t.

Now some eye opening PGA Tour stats for you.

(B) On putts from 0-5 feet the average make percentage is 97%. On putts from 5-10 feet the average make percentage is 56%. On putts from 10-15 feet the average make percentage is 30%.

Put A and B together and it’s obvious why the percentage of putts made on the PGA Tour drops off so quickly after 8 feet.

So, how do we average golfers go about approximating the pros make percentage.

A great way to start is with the Visio Mi Template.

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Now we are unlikely ever to approximate the putting skills of the guy in the red shirt above, but, the Mi Putting Template is an amazing training aid that will help us develop a better putting stroke. With lines printed to guide your putt, you'll be able to see whether or not you're maintaining a straight and proper face angle. 

The Visio M1 Template instills a perfect face angle at setup, backstroke and follow through. After Just a few minutes of practice with the template the ball will be rolling straight down the target line. It comes with curvatures of 12, 15, 18 and 21 degrees so there's one that will fit your stroke the best.

It’s arguably the best product available for controlling the putter face through the swing. It will get you striking the ball with a square face and releasing the putter head through impact. 

The template has become incredibly popular with tour players. Rory McIlroy, Henrik Stenson, Justin Rose, Louis Oosthuizen are just a few of the top touring pros who have worked with the Mi’s developer and putting specialist, Phil Kenyon.

Learn from them. 

Order yours today!

Visio Mi 12 Degree Putting Template

Visio Mi 15 Degree Putting Template

Visio Mi 18 Degree Putting Template

Visio Mi 21 Degree Putting Template