The Key To Clubhead Speed, unlock more distance in a matter of minutes

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Long Drive Golf

FREE WORKSHOP: In Just 90 Minutes Learn What it Takes To Go From A Sub 200 Yard Drive, To 220 Plus.


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Location: AJ Golf Academy @ Governors Towne Golf Club

Date: Saturday November 2nd @ 9AM

Parking: Yes

Dress: Golf Atire

Food & Bev: Coffee & water available

Directions: Google Maps Link


What You'll Learn and achieve in the workshop

  • The number one tool that over 50% of PGA Tour players use that gives you more speed in just one session.
  • What part of the clubface you need to hit in order to maximise your distance
  • What ball position you need in order to launch the golf ball optimaly 
  • What driver head and shaft combination will work best for your swing speed
  • How you can increase and retain this new faster clubhead speed
  • And much, much more


Learn More About The Workshop & The Number One Training Tool On The PGA Tour That You'll Use

Want to add clubhead speed?

Want to hit it longer?

Got you interested? Well you should be.

This workshop will highlight the benefits of the Superspeed Golf Training System. This training aid was designed to Increase swing speed, maximize biomechanical efficiency, improve consistency in ball striking, and reduce common swing flaws.

It features a unique concept - Overspeed Training. The goal of overspeed training is to override your current abilities and create an adaptation that will enable faster, unassisted speed later. You need to create these adaptations correctly, and Superspeed Golf has created the tools and lesson plans to do so.


With these tools you learn to move your body and swing faster. Which leads to what, grasshopper? That’s right, MORE DISTANCE!

Is there a golfer alive who doesn’t desire more distance?

Here’s what a couple had to say:

Went to the range. Completed the 10-minute drill using each of the speed sticks. Before the session my driver swing speed topped at 89. After it I soared to 101. My carry jumped from 210 to 240. And the ball flew straight down my target line. I’m 75! Absolutely love this product. BobbyD

Golf training aids are typically hit or miss. These sticks are the real deal. I’m 30 years old, 10 handicap, 90 mph swing speed with a driver. Fast forward six months (with sporadic use of the superspeed sticks) I’ve increased driver clubhead speed to 100mph, picking up 30+ yards of distance. Every club in the bag is longer than before. Handicap is down to below an 8.0. It feels like I’m playing a different game with the increase in distance. ChadK

The GLT Golf team will showcase Superspeed Golf’s unique training modules. Work one-on-one with you and monitor the improvements in your swing speed and mechanics.


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