Why Your Golf Practice is Not Transferring to the Golf Course

GLT Game-Like Training
  • Author: Michael Rosenwasser
  • Content Writer & Developer
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Practice Series - 4: Why Your Golf Practice is Not Transferring to the Golf Course

Not all golf practice is the same. In fact, many common practice methods aren't all that effective.

It’s safe to say that a swimmer building a perfect stroke in the bathtub will never become an Olympic swimming champion. To accomplish this requires a series of events centered in the pool. The swimmer must race and race some more against other swimmers of all levels of skills in order to achieve that desired end.

The same holds true with becoming a competitive golfer. Hitting your 8 iron 145 yards 10,000 times on the range won’t make you competitive. Granted, you’ll hit a mean 145-yard 8 iron. But little else.

GLT Golf Practice

For the sake of this discourse, let’s assume you fall into the “swimming pool” or “phenomenal 8 iron” practice group. As Tiger Woods has said many times about himself when his game is not up to snuff, you are “Ricky Range.” So, on the course in a match play quarter final, you face a 115-yard pitching wedge shot over a yawning bunker with a stiff crosswind to a mid-green left-edge pin on the 17th hole. Down 1 stroke. Your opponent is on the green but with a huge, breaking, downhill, 50-foot putt. This scenario calls for a low trajectory draw into the wind to just below the hole. What’s that 145-yard 8 iron gonna do for you now? Survey says - NOTHING.

And that is the literal definition of why “swimming pool” golf practice doesn't transfer to the course.

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Well then, you ask, how can I make those tips and that “transference” a reality? Simply put, by adapting the GLT Golf concepts we have outlined in our blog series. To wit:

  1. Spacing.
  2. Variability.
  3. Challenge.
  4. Cognitive Stress.
  5. Interleaved Practice.
  6. Re-creation and Stimulation.
  7. Learning and Performing.

Watch this video and see how GLT can enhance your practice routine:

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All the above are the fundamentals of GLT - Game-Like training. Their goal is to teach you how to build and store “chunks” of information that contain details, concepts, nuances, movements, and so much more that you can and will retrieve to use on the course in stressful situations. Like with the game on the line.

By challenging yourself over and over with the building blocks - the chunks - of specific shot-shaping-and-distance drills in all types of conditions, you bring your game to another level. One where any shot needed is a shot makeable. You transfer your practice to the course. Because that practice has incorporated ...... wait for it ...... game-like training.

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