How to Practice so You can Swing Like a Pro

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  • Author: Michael Rosenwasser
  • Content Writer & Developer
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Practice Series - 1: How to Practice So You Can Swing Like a Pro

Golf practice. Practice golf. Whichever way you say it, you can never become the best version of your golf self without a practice routine.

Ben Hogan believed in digging his game out of the dirt. He must have dug all the way through to China from Texas ‘cause he was possibly the greatest ball striker ever. Someone once asked Hogan what club he hit 135 yards, and he proceeded to hit EVERY CLUB in his bag 135 yards!!!

But simply digging the dirt is not the right way to find the best version of your golf self. It takes a structured routine and a commitment to the routine to see the improvement. Just hitting ball after ball on the range ain’t getting you anywhere, folks. Maybe a blister or two, but little else.

Thus, the dilemma. How does a golfer practice to swing like a pro?

Ben Hogan Trackman Combine

Here's What We Have Come to Believe

The team at GLT Golf has spent the past decade considering that very dilemma. They’ve accumulated thousands of coaching hours with golfers at all skill levels. They’ve studied sports psychology techniques. They've listened and learned from the greatest minds in all fields of human performance.

And, with all the above accounted for, GLT concludes the following: “Learning happens via cognitive stress.”

And the path to achieve this learning is through our three basic fundamentals: Spacing, Variability, and Challenge.

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The Spacing Effect

To forget is to remember. Most golfers look to mass produce their golf game by hitting ball after ball in short order at nothing in particular down the range. This produces muscle memory and a swing that works on the range and little else. Here at GLT Golf, we offer this alternative: hit a ball a minute for 20 minutes, not 20 balls in one minute. Incorporating this Spacing Effect initiates the aforementioned cognitive stress to your working memory and induces a deeper degree of learning. Your body and mind will be challenged as never before to recall your swing and shot making mechanics, and this stress is what leads to better learning.

The Variability Effect

Our brains need variety to effectively learn. Chew on that for a while, then consider Ben Hogan. If he had practiced hitting one club 135 yards over and over at the same target, he would have become a one-club robot. Instead, he challenged himself by practicing with this self-same Variability Effect, and this led to him mastering a swing that allowed him to hit every club that yardage. To every target in front of him. So change your club and target regularly and repeatedly when you practice, and you'll produce cognitive stress that leads to better learning. Cognitive stress is key!

The Challenge Effect (Or an Optimal Challenge Point)

We all need challenges. And these are achieved via goals. Runners, swimmers, and bikers seek PRs. Golfers hope to break 100, then 90, then 80, then 70. To hit these goals, we at GLT Golf believe you must challenge yourself while practicing. Combining, or rather, embellishing the scenarios from Spacing and Variability Effects with outcome goals - the Challenge Effect - creates cognitive stress. And what does cognitive stress do? It leads to better learning.

Watch this video to learn more about the importance of these three principles:

Here’s an example:

  1. Hit 20 balls in 20 minutes.
  2. Change the club and direction every 2 balls.
  3. Award a point every time the ball is struck on the sweet spot.
  4. Set a goal to achieve 14 points in those 20 balls.

Follow this practice routine, and you attain cognitive stress. Cognitive stress allows for an incredible state of learning. And this incredible state of learning means this type of practice routine will get you on you way to swinging like a pro in no time.

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