The Top 5 Golf Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

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The Top 5 Golf Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

With the ever increasing popularity of podcasts as a means of accessing news, information, education and entertainment, it’s no surprise that there are dozens devoted to golf.

You can take your pick of pods which specialize in game improvement, golf specific fitness and psychology, news from the PGA tour, interviews with the stars and just general golf chat.

The ones you choose to listen to will of course very much depend on what you’re trying to achieve and your personal tastes, but with so many options now out there we thought we’d help you get started by putting together our own brief list of not to be missed golf podcasts.

No Laying Up

No Laying Up (NLU) may have started as just four smart young guys talking golf, but during 2018 alone they managed to land interviews with Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Dustin Johnson and Justin Thomas, to name but a few.

The hosts also found time to talk equipment, technology, rules and general trivia in what they see as a kind of virtual 19th hole.


A former European and PGA tour pro, David Feherty is well known to golf fans for his appearances as a pundit on CBS and his own shows on the Golf Channel and NBC Sports.

He also of course has his own podcast, called simply “Feherty”.

As a former player, Feherty brings his own insider insights to the interview table, but he also specializes in swapping politically incorrect and incautious anecdotes with an eclectic mix of golf, sporting and showbiz guests.

The Shack House

Hosted by Geoff Shackelford and Joe House, this pod offers a distinctive point of view on the news from the PGA Tour and other big golfing stories, but also gets its share of big name interviews.

Golf Science Lab

As the name might suggest, this pod focuses on presenting the latest “myth-busting” research on how to play better golf. From the technicalities of the long game swing to better chipping and putting; from golf psychology to choosing the right equipment to suit your game, it’s all here in host Cordie Walker’s Lab.

The GLT Golf Podcast

Between these and the many others available on iTunes and elsewhere, you’re sure to find a few golfing shows which suit your specific tastes and interests.

But we almost forgot.

Naturally by far the most important podcast about golf you must listen to is our own GLT (Game Like Training) podcast.

All modesty aside, we believe it’s unique in its presentation of the science and psychology of learning as it applies to golf: not in a dry and academic way, but with an accessible and, we hope, entertaining style which above all helps you to have fun while improving your game faster than you ever thought possible.

Visit us here on Soundcloud, or here on iTunes to check out all the shows from our first two seasons or to find out more about the GLT approach to the game.