GravityFit Golf - A Case Study

arick zeigel
  • Author: Arick Zeigel
  • Head Coach - AJ Golf Academy
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Joe Culverhouse
  • Author 2: Joseph Culverhouse
  • Manager - GLT Content and Communications
Gravity Fit

Gravity Fit Case Study #1: Using Gravity Fit as a Feedback Device for Maintaining Width In Golf Swing


In the coming weeks, we will be featuring a series of Gravity Fit case studies we’ve conducted with GLT and AJ Golf Academy coach Arick Zeigel. Each study will feature a different golfer of a different skill level, and each will use Gravity Fit to focus on various aspects of his or her swing. Our first Gravity Fit Case Study features a collegiate golfer that has difficulty finding the proper width in his swing.


Key Points:

  • One of the best parts about the T-Pro from Gravity Fit is that it is extremely versatile and can be used in any phase of a student’s learning; an awareness tool to help conceptualize the desired movement, a tool to help acquire the skill, or a restoration tool for players to revisit tendencies in their game.


For this student, it was used as both an awareness tool and a restoration tool.


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This players’ tendencies are as follow:

  • Miss becomes a push or a push fade with poor strike and too much shape
  • Swing gets long and disconnected from the body in the backswing


This caused him to get steep in transition with an excessive rightward path and angle of attack.



gravityfit golf case study

How to use GravityFit Golf Based On How We Use GravityFit Golf:


There were two keys for this player:

  1. Maintain all 3 points of contact of the back bow
  2. Maintaining the tension in the bands at the top of the swing


  • We started with the green band which has more resistance so that he could regain the awareness of the desired movement. He made slow deliberate practice swings alternating between the correct movement, the incorrect movement and then the correct movement again, what we would call sandwich training.
  • Next went to the yellow band and started hitting shots starting at 20% speed and with every successful attempt increasing speed by 20%, failure to achieve the desired movement resulted in moving back down in speed by 20%.
  • After successfully reaching 80-90% in speed we took the T-Pro off and played an approach shot game on the range to add some context to the movement by adding the target, the shape, full routine, and a score associated with his perceived achievement of the movement as well as outcome.


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Gravity Fit golf


This training tool is brilliant - we recommend it & heavily endorse it. However, there are lots of other training tools that are good. So I think it is especially important to understand how to use training tools as a form of feedback in practice. Dr Tim Lee’s article series on feedback is a must read for this! Read here: