Golf Swing Tips - Do They Work?

  • Author:
  • Zach Parker
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  • Author 2: Iain Highfield

Why golf swing tips may not work

The traditional approach to changing a golf swing, or being provided a golf swing tip, generally starts with an aesthetically driven goal. Then attempts to learn this 'new swing position' are driven by the coach putting the player in the correct positions (as shown in the image above) . This is likely to result in the golfer developing a false since of competency in their motion that rarely transfers to the golf course.

Don’t sweat, at GLT we’ve got you covered. Golf swing practice, golf swing tips and golf swing drills that follow  Zach Parker's golf coaching philosophy allow the golfer to learn, feel, and apply changes to their swing. Zach's coaching allows the golfer to learn, experience and internalize the mind-body connection of an effective golf swing. 

He who does the work does the learning

GLT advisor and friend, Zach Parker, has developed a coaching philosophy where he spends time pulling the player out of a position (the opposite to what is shown in the above image) to help them discover how to implement more effective movement patterns and self-correct. Essentially teaching them ‘how’ it feels to access a more desirable swing motion.

For example, imagine a player that has hip sway in the back swing. Traditionally, a coach might pull their lead leg towards the target or feel him apply a force that would reduce the sway. Instead, Zach would actually pull the player further out of position and exaggerating the error. This allows the player to learn how to self correct while internalizing this learning. If a coach is always spending time putting a player into the correct positions, the debate is how much work the player is actually doing. After all, “he who does the work does the learning.”

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Above is a video example of how the same philosophy can be applied into helping a golfer make a more effective move during the transition. Notice that Zach is not putting his hands on the golfer and putting him into the correct position, he is using the band to actually pull the golfer out of position, that is why this is a swing tip that WORKS! It makes the golfer do the work and therefore do the learning! 

If you truly want to learn a new swing move, cognitive stress is an essential part of this process, having someone put you into the desired position is easy and will fail to create the stressors required for you brain and body to learn the new swing motion.

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