Why Everything You Were Told About Golf Practice is a Lie

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  • Author: Michael Rosenwasser
  • Content Writer & Developer
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Practice Series - 6: Why Everything You Were Told About Golf Practice is a Lie

Good ol' Trackman. Used at every PGA tour practice range like it’s the best form of golf practice.

Conventional wisdom fosters a belief in that little orange box's ability to make everyone a better golfer. Using a routine called the Trackman Combine, golfers from all over the world compete against each other in game-like conditions in a structured and repeatable test of skills. That good ol' orange box uses its advanced technology to measure the flight of each shot, 60 shots worth at different yardages, in order to analyze the effectiveness of each swing. And then, using an impressive algorithm, assigns each shot a score between 1 and 100. The final tally is posted and measured against the Trackman universe. Rankings are assigned. Average distances from the pin are derived. Driver distance and accuracy are determined, too.

All of this data should make you a better golfer, right? Good ol' trackman should deliver the goods. But, here’s part of the big lie: you need a facility with Trackman to participate. Do you have one available?

And here’s the other, more sinister piece of that lie: evidence says that Trackman Combine stat improving is extremely difficult to transfer to the course.

Watch this video to learn why the Trackman Combine isn't the best practice tool and how it could be better:

This gets us back to where we started 5 blogs ago.

The most sure-fire way to improve and transfer your skill set to the course under stressful, tournament-like situations is through game-like training.

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Again, remember:

  1. Spacing.
  2. Variability.
  3. Challenge.
  4. Cognitive Stress.
  5. Interleaved Practice.
  6. Re-creation and Stimulation.
  7. Learning and Performing.

Let's take it a step further. GLT has come up with a series of CrossFit-like workouts to enhance the transferability of your practice to the course. You remember the CrossFit Workout of the Day theories, right? The goal is to help develop all around strength and conditioning through a gut-wrenching series of high intensity workouts of functional movements. Each day is different. And that's how GLT has designed their "Golf-Outs."

Watch this video to see an example Golf-Out that you could try for your next practice session:

Where’s the connection to GLT you ask? It's this: each workout demands strength, mobility, coordination, balance, and a considerable degree of mental application and concentration.

The connection is in the cognitive and contextual demands you place on yourself in each practice session. The good ol' Trackman Combine doesn’t come close to delivering this. It isn’t programmed for it.

So we’ve come up with our own workouts of the day. Call them golf-outs of the day. They are made up of 12 unique shot-making challenges that laugh in the face of the big practice lie while transferring your practice to the course.

Game-like training. Get onboard. Now.

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