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Capto Putting Analysis Data

The Power of Putting Analytics With Capto Putting 

Even the best players in the world have room for improvement as they learn more about their swings and correct errors. Data tracking has enabled players to get more information that was ever available before. Coaches no longer have to rely on their own senses to identify the issues their students are facing.


Putting is the part of golf in which small errors are often most noticeable. Missing a key putt can ruin an otherwise well-played hole. Fortunately, with the assistance of analytics, players and their teachers can greatly improve their putts.


SAM Putt Lab

SAM Putt Lab uses a sensor called the PuttStation which communicated via ultrasound signals with the BaseUnit attached to the putter. This information is then transmitted to software on a computer. With this information in hand, coaches can offer precise feedback to help their students.


Many putting coaches have used this setup that requires a $9,000 investment and needs the large PuttStation to be positioned near the golf ball. 


CAPTO Putting Sensor

The CAPTO putting sensor is a more mobile setup. The sensor attaches directly to the club and connects via WiFi with a computer or mobile device. This means players can use it almost anywhere.


Using CAPTO Putting, players and coaches can see all the essential putting data plus several unique data points not offered by competitor systems. For example, it measures trembling, a key indicator of incipient “yips.”


Better yet, the CAPTO Putting system is available at a much more accessible price point. At $2,300, a class of instructors and players can now get the information they need with a more reasonable investment.


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Why Choose CAPTO Putting ?


Simply put, the CAPTO Putting system is the less expensive and more mobile of the two putting aids. It is an excellent choice for instructors who want a powerful tool but are unwilling to make the larger investment into SAM PuttLab.


CAPTO putting sensor is a great choice even for serious players who want a more mobile system. It can be taken almost anywhere, especially when using the iOS application. Players who struggle with the “yips” who want to track their trembling when putting also benefit from choosing CAPTO. It is the ideal solution for players and trainers of all experience levels and budgets.

Sam Putt Lab

CAPTO Putting and SAM Putt Lab


CAPTO putting and Science and Motion Putt Lab are both tools used by instructors and avid golfers to collect information and perfect putts. The SAM Putt Lab offering has been on the market for over a decade and is considered by many to be the established leader in the field. However, it is a serious investment. New competitors, such as CAPTO putting sensor, offer impressive value propositions.


Learn how to use Capto Putting here