Wilson's Driver vs Driver 2 Episode 1 Recap

Joe Culverhouse
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Wilson Driver vs Driver 2

The first episode of Wilson’s Driver vs. Driver 2 aired October 2 on the Golf Channel. If you’re not familiar with Driver vs. Driver 2, take a look at GLT’s primer article and meet the contestants. Although, for 7 hopefuls, the meeting would be brief.


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The premiere episode gave us our first look at the contestants’ designs, as well as their personalities. Although, for 7 hopefuls, the meeting would be brief. And, while the judges we’re generally favorable, a few designs left the panel feeling a bit confused.


For instance, the judges felt Scott Haack’s design incorporated enough features for multiple clubs, while they found Bob Lockhart’s “No-Sex” driver to be a bit too plain.


Unfortunately for Bob, the judges’ critiques were the least of his concerns. While Wilson’s Driver vs Driver 2 judges deliberated which contestants would advance, Bob was transported to a local hospital where it was discovered he’d been battling infections in both legs in the weeks prior to the competition. Based upon his condition, the recovery time needed and lack of enthusiasm for his design, the judges selected Bob as the first contestant to not advance.


Bob would soon be joined by bowling ball experts Hank Boomershine and Victor Marion, as well as pre-med student Samantha Smith. While the judges thought Samantha’s design had potential, there were just too many unfavorable elements to merit advancement.


Conversely, judge Jeremy Roenick was impressed enough with contestant Tim Slama’s Roswell design that he awarded him the Wilson W, a prize each judge possesses to be awarded once per tournament and granting a contestant an automatic advancement to the next round.


Joining Slama in the next round will be Evan Hoffman, the designer behind a unique exoskeleton design, Allen Zadeh, whose simplistic design was called possibly the prettiest by the judges, Jimmy Huynh, whose tri-lock system impressed the judges enough to earn the season 1 runner-up his place in Wilson’s Driver vs Driver 2, and Jeremy Chell, a mechanical engineer with a vibration isolating design unlike anything the judges had ever seen.


If you’re doing the math, you aren’t miscalculating, that’s only 5 contestants in the next round so far. The episode ended with the remaining contestants learning they’d soon have to decide whether pairing with a rival could mean advancement.


Tune in next Tuesday to find out what the contestants will decide. Be sure to check back with GLT the following day for our episode recap.


Wilson’s Driver vs Driver 2 airs each Tuesday at 9 PM on the Golf Channel.

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