Wilson Golf Cortex Driver Review

Arick Zeigel
  • Author: Arick Zeigel
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Matthew Cooke
  • Author 2: Matthew Cooke
  • GLT Founder & Director

Arick & Iain take the Wilson Golf Cortex Driver for a spin, both on the range & the golf course


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Video Transcript

Hey guys. Really excited about what we're going to be doing today. Just got the brand new Wilson cortex. This is the winning driver from season two of driver versus driver.


If you didn't see any of the episodes you missed out on an awesome show. Congratulations to Wilson especially this driver. Not going to lie it looks pretty incredible. Looking forward to demoing it giving you guys our opinion on it. Ian and myself are gonna go ahead and hit a few. So let's get to it. So first thing I like the head covers suite says cortex on it. To me it almost looks like the Corvette logo. I like that sexy it's sleek it's nice. So like the head cover like that they added the logo from the show on it. And then as far as the actual look at the driver it looks a lot like the tailor made. I think the M1 kind of has that look to the bottom of it there with that that move movable weight but then the actual look of it from kind of top down view almost looks like one of the old calibers from I think 2009 where it's kind of more of a bubble shape. It's not really a long head it's almost like a deeper taller mech to it. So first one. So this is the gist nobody knows this is a 10 5.


Cortex I haven't set on high. And it is just the stock. Sixty five gram. Extra stiff.


And you have to club sound high while you are high. The club is set on high. High loft.


Her high loss. Actually don't know what it means. It might be high speed. No I did. Let's find out. I that was ELY A.


LITTLE LOW Yeah low low in the face a little Healey. Yeah. I care about that. Yeah. So I typically play a fade so I like my ball moving from left to right.


And if only we had a way to. Now we need some numbers. Let's get yeah let's get some numbers. OK.


I'll put it finally came. Yeah. OK. I'll give you. That. You put that new. Let me make sure I'm in. Range.


Cool. So. You get a few numbers here for you in your pocket. I wish I could say just just write of the yellow flag.


OK. Good. Yeah. That was we launched. Baby.


Smash facts. Won six A.


Great muscle memory so I'll just repeat that swing and just into the next day to get you would happen. Track. Box. I mean that's a different shape D that is in the air for a long time. Oh but here to the bottom that was slightly slightly Toey. But that's way further than I normally. You know we need to do. We need to go to the first tee and pound a few of the first tee.


Yeah. Yeah that's good. Let's jump to the golf course. We're gonna take this thing out into the environment out into some context.


We're going to see challenged Joe. Let's challenge you up for a challenge. Yeah. Okay.


Longest drive wins. Ian versus Eric.


My money's on me going out to the golf course or take the new Wilson driver in and I'm going to compare it to our current drivers to see how it holds up out there and a little bit more contextualised environment. But.


Then I'm not my own driver. I was thinking about it and I hit that last one in the range so good I go to one night mobiles with the corpse that's.


Okay. The normal the normal high food buffet. Looks. Up at. But. Cub. Scouts move went out there. The. State left. Yeah.


I heard some trees. Let's go see where those.


So one of these. So this one's actually my. My driver my current driver. This one is the Wilson. So. Basically the exact same distance. So I mean pretty similar distance and that's. I mean that's impressive. You know I wouldn't have expected it to hold up and then obviously that third one brought it down the best that one. That one definitely went further.


And this mine. And then there's in Ames trying to clarify Erick was lying on the tee. One of mine did hit the fairway. OK.


Let's go find these other two handsome guys. Guys come on come with me. Let's go. To parties ownership. Stakes and a half. Hours late. Yeah. So here's one of the.


I mean the thing to me is though you that you have most of them with the exception of the third one right in the middle. If you want more distance.


Then this is a driver too. It reminds me of the face of the epic. Yeah. What I when I hit that Calloway epic I didn't like it because it was too hot. And if I did get one laugh going left. But to me that was long. But to me this one that's a little bit like the tailor made stuff right. Like pretty hot off the face. But the tailor made stuff to me doesn't spin. Yeah it's. I never got the tailor made one in the air. Yeah. I couldn't really keep it in the air. This one I like. It's hot off the face. But to me it's not uncontrollable like like if I get one really drawn like oh hold on.


This is getting Yeah people should try it. Yeah. People should watch the show. Take the finalists seriously and if you want a driver that launches the ball. High with more distant deals incredible and looks great. Good performance a good driver.


Yeah that's.