Wilson Driver vs. Driver 2 Winner Crowned - Wilson Cortex Driver

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  • Author: Akhil Patel
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Wilson Driver vs. Driver 2 Winner


The Winning Wilson Golf Driver vs Driver 2 - Wilson Cortex Driver


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After 7 thrilling episodes, Evan Hoffman and the Wilson Golf Cortex have been crowned winners of Wilsons Driver vs. Driver 2. Throughout the competition Evan Hoffman has shown his expertise in design and engineering and proven why the Cortex is the most supreme driver this season.


His winning club, Wilson Cortex will hit shelves immediately so be sure to check out his driver yourself.


Evan Hoffman

The industrial designer watched Driver vs. Driver season 1 from his couch and is now the winner of season 2. The Cortex Driver harnesses a sub frame structure which allows the weight to be taken out of the center of the club and placed into the skirt, maximizing club head speed and control for longer and straighter drives.


This season of Driver vs. Driver 2 emphasized performance and competition, so you know the Cortex is built for competitive play. The Cortex conforms to USGA standards and you will be allowed to utilize this driver and have the edge you need on the course.


Wilson Golf

Wilson Golf is making a push to improve the quality of their products and move into the premium market segment, while keeping their affordability. Driver vs. Driver 2 has shown the vast amount of testing and technological improvements that go into their clubs so that you can improve your play on the course.

Wilson Driver vs. Driver 2