Wilson Driver vs. Driver 2 Season Recap

Akhil Patel
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WIlson Driver vs. Driver 2

Wilson Driver vs. Driver 2 is the second season of the Golf Channel’s hit competition show. 14 aspiring golf equipment designers compete for the chance to develop the next game changing driver from Wilson.


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In preparation for the season finale on Tuesday, November 13th at 9pm ET, let’s look back at the highlights from this season.


Episode 1 Recap

Episode 1 gave a look into each contestant’s designs and personalities. The judges cut the number of contestants down from 14 to 5. The contestant that stood out was Tim Slama. Tim’s design impressed judge Jeremy Roenick enough to earn him the Wilson W, a prize a judge can award granting automatic advancement to the next round.


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Episode 2 Recap

Designers were given the option to form teams or compete solo moving forward. The Black Hornet team survived and moved on to the next round whereas individual designer, Tim Swiss was sent home.


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Episode 3 Recap

The designers all received hittable titanium prototypes of their drivers. Each driver was tested by various PGA Tour professionals and critiqued on aspects such as design, feel and sound. Team Black Hornet was sent home this week as their design did not make the cut.


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Episode 4 Recap

The remaining driver designs were tested through technology from the Golf Lab. Later, each driver design was also tested during a PGA demo day. Dial Shot’s design did not make the cut this week and was sent packing.


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Episode 5 Recap

Golf’s most popular social media influencers tested and gave their input on the remaining designs. Each design underwent another thorough round of testing and the competition was narrowed down even more. Jeremy Chell and his driver concept, the Launchpad were sent home.


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Episode 6 Recap

The remaining three contestants traveled to Lake Tahoe at the American Century Classic where their drivers were once again put to the test. Celebrity golfers such as Herm Edwards and Steve Young were invited to provide their feedback on the drivers. Designer Jimmy Huynh and his design Magnus 2.0 were sent home. The remaining two contestants, Evan Hoffman and Tim Slama made it to the season finale where one of them will win $250,000 and see their driver design hit retail shelves.


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Episode 7 airs Tuesday, November 13: 9pm ET

Wilson Driver vs. Driver 2 Finale