Wilson Cortex Driver - Everything You Need To Know

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  • Author: Akhil Patel
  • GLT Content Writer & Developer
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Wilson Cortex Driver

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With the end of Wilson Driver vs. Driver 2, the winning Wilson Cortex Driver has hit the shelves. Let’s take an in-depth look at winner Evan Hoffman’s driver, Cortex.


The Cortex has five distinct attributes which help it stand out from the crowd of drivers on the market.


Fast Cage

Strategically placed carbon fiber panels make up 44% of the club’s surface area. A rigid titanium skeleton provides structural stability and precise weight distribution for ultimate in adjustability.


Spin Control

Wilson’s longest ever sliding weight track houses an 8-gram weight that can be positioned to alter ball flight and spin characteristics. Whether it be a low launching ball flight for maximum fairway rollout or a high launch angle for the greatest carry, it’s all up to the user.


Directional Control

The Cortex Driver comes standard with the 8g weight near the toe and the 2g weight near the heel. To obtain a draw setting, the 8g weight can easily be moved to the heel and the 2g to be inserted near the toe.


Trajectory Control

The Fast Fit hosel system allows you to dial in your preferred ball trajectory by fine tuning the loft in half-degree increments.


Launch Control

Premium Fujikura ATMOS Tour Spec Shafts are available in three profiles, each with a unique launch and spin characteristics.


“Season Two of the show yielded two amazing finalists; the Cortex and the Rozwell,” said Tim Clarke, Wilson Golf’s president.


“Ultimately, the Cortex came out on top with its clean, classic shape, overall consistent performance results from a wide range of player testers, and steady sound across the entire face of the club. We are excited to get this driver into the hands of players at all levels of the game.”


Unlike last season’s winning driver, you can rest assured knowing the Wilson Cortex is USGA conforming.


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