The Swingyde Training aid - What is it?

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The golf swingyde

The Swingyde is one of the numerous mechanical type training aids which are worn during the swing to help guide the body, hands and arms into the correct position.

The main focus of the Swingyde is on teaching the golfer to feel the correct hinge of the wrists and square clubface alignment during the backswing. Not only does this assist with straight hitting, it also encourages the development of the clubhead lag which is essential for maximum power.

How to Use the Swingyde

In appearance the Swingyde training aid is no more than a short, curved strip of yellow plastic, but setting it up correctly requires a little attention to detail.

The essential idea is that one end of the Swingyde slips over the butt end of the club to be clamped securely in place at the bottom of the grip. The other end is cupped so as to fit snugly against the left forearm (for right-handed players) when the shaft is held at 90 degrees to the arm.

The Swingyde then needs to be carefully adjusted so that the cup end is directly in line with the shaft and clubface. This enables the correct clubface alignment to be checked in the address position. When the cup sits centrally between the forearms the clubface is square, but if the cup appears to have moved above the left or right hand this means that the face has been rotated closed or open.

The Action of the Swingyde During the Backswing

As the takeaway begins, the Swingyde will remain between the forearms until the cup finally comes to rest against the left forearm when the wrists naturally hinge towards the top of the backswing.

This top of the swing position is the key to the benefits offered by the Swingyde.

The feeling of the left arm resting securely on the cup makes it very clear that the wrists have hinged or cocked correctly, something which is difficult to confirm visually, except perhaps by swinging in a mirror, which is inevitably somewhat unnatural.

Perhaps even more importantly, the Swingyde enables the golfer to feel the correct alignment of the clubface at the top of the backswing.

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Checking Clubface Alignment at the Top of the Swing

This is one of the most important reference points during the entire swing, because if the clubface has rolled open or closed during the backswing it is almost impossible to compensate in the fraction of a second which elapses during the downswing.

The correct alignment cannot be checked visually and even the best players sometimes find difficult to monitor by feel alone. But any error is immediately obvious when using the Swingyde.

This kind of instant sensory feedback is one of the keys to effective practice. So with repeated use of the Swingyde, the golfer should quickly learn to keep the clubface square.


An Effective Swing Trainer - He who does the work does the learning. 

Please watch the above below to understand how a GLT coach would use the swingyde and how they would effectivley impliment it into a practice plan so that swing changes stick. 

Used in this way, the Swingyde can be a highly effective training aid, but the product is supplied with an instructional DVD and information on a number of drills which further enhance its versatility.

At a reasonably priced $24.95, it’s a device well worth considering as an addition to a golf training regime.    

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