The Swingyde Training Aid - is it worth buying?

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Swingyde Golf

What is the Swingyde

The Swingyde training aid has been around for some years now and is a relatively low-tech but ingenious device designed to help golfers master two of the key elements of a powerful, repeating swing.

In appearance, the Swingyde is no more than 9” of unpretentious yellow plastic, but its advocates make large claims for its effect on the swings of the players who use it.

The main goal of the Swingyde is to teach the feel of the correct action of the wrists during the swing, so that users will learn to keep the clubface aligned squarely to the target line while also maintain the downswing clubhead lag which is essential for maximum clubhead speed.

Using the Swingyde       

Using the Swingyde involves bolting one end of the device to the clubshaft just below the grip and aligning the free end square to the clubface at address.

When the club is swung correctly the free end of the club will cup naturally around the lead forearm as the wrists hinge naturally during the backswing. If the free, cupped end of the Swingyde misses the arm or contacts it off center at the top of the backswing, it’s a sure sign that the clubface has been opened or closed.

During the downswing, the aim is for the player to maintain the cup of the Swingyde in contact with the arm until the centrifugal force being generated forces the wrists to uncock. In this way the golfer gets a distinct feel of the correct clubhead lag which is a common factor in the swings of all good players but often missing in those of higher handicap amateurs.  

So is the Swingyde Worth Buying?

In a word, probably.

Published reviews suggest that not everyone will like this device. It can be tricky and time-consuming to fit, making it a less than ideal option if you want to have a quick run through your bag during a brief session on the range.

More importantly, some golfers will find it visually distracting in the address position, and the feel of the cupped end coming into contact with the left forearm may also be off-putting.

But there’s no doubt that controlling the alignment of the clubface and maintaining clubhead lag during the downswing are two of the most important elements in a powerful and accurate golf swing. So any training aid which can help golfers learn and groove the correct movement of the arms and wrists must be worth considering.

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A Great Tool for the High Handicapper

Beginners and higher handicap players are particularly likely to hook or, more often, slice, and also to cast the club from the top of the backswing, thereby losing lag and with it much of the power in their swings.

So these players are probably the ones most likely to find value in the Swingyde, and there are plenty of online reviews attesting to the almost magical results which have been obtained by golfers feeling, perhaps for the first time, the correct action of the wrists during the swing.

For lower handicap players, who don’t have a problem with lag, and whose clubface control is evidenced by a consistent draw or fade ball flight, there are other swing training aids which may be of more value.

Tour Pros Using the Swingyde

That said, the Swingyde website lists a number of top tour pros, including Masters and British Open winner, Zach Johnson, Alex Noren, Paula Creamer and Michelle Wie who use and endorse the Swingyde.

In the end, a golfer’s choice of training aid is almost as much a matter of personal preference as their choice of putter, and with this in mind the Swingyde would seem to be well worth a try, particularly for those golfers plagued by an inconsistency of ball flight and a lack of distance.

The Swingyde is supplied with an instructional DVD and information on specific drills which can be used to increase its effectiveness.  

At $24.95, it’s also far more attractively priced than many swing training devices and can be added to a golfer’s arsenal of training tools without too much damage to the wallet.    

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