Ping Golf G410 Driver Review at The PGA Show 2019

Arick Zeigel
  • Author: Arick Zeigel
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Matthew Cooke
  • Author 2: Matthew Cooke
  • GLT Founder & Director

Here we check out the Ping Golf G410 Driver down at the PGA show in Orlando


Video Transcript

Hey you guys really excited. We are here at the PGA Show 2009 2019. We wanted to do a quick review of the new ping G4 10 drivers so we're gonna go ahead and check this out and give you a little bit of insight into what to expect. As far as the new design features as well as test it up. Yeah. Let's see we've got.


On average they're seeing an increase of two miles per hour at Club speed so obviously it increases the boss species. You said about 10 yards. Longer than last year's model. So should be pretty exciting. All things equalize.


Not when advocates who light up the tough time. I'm exhausted physically not my desk right.




I know. So we're gonna we're hitting the nine degree loft.


Everything's set just a neutral reason. You can float Project X. This is in the six point five extra step. We're gonna stop today for. What. Shelf. Books. Typically tell 111. So I'm typically about 1 0 7 1 0 8. If I go after I get one time when I'm not typically 1 6 1 0 7. That. To too stiff.


I. I can't get that thing at all. So.


We just finished hitting Maddie you on your first thoughts.


Yeah. So I play the previous B paying G 400 model and. I mean I hope it works. I got fed not paying headquarters far and we just tried this one and I'm gonna say it feels much hotter off. I typically hit the ball out so when I hit it back. So I'm comparing the shot to and pushing up. And yeah seems much much faster a much higher estimate like the look of it. It doesn't look too dissimilar from the top. Yeah so it looks at the speeds that the feature added to the feature that they added to increase speed on the back of it on the back of a butterfly. Oh yeah. Yes. I mean look I mean it looks a little different but typical the overall typical share is it looks like your standard.


Yeah. Looks like your standard ping driver it's nothing too different than the aesthetic of it. I've always liked that map finished. Yeah it looks really cool.


The big change in the features is obviously going to be on the bottom of the club and then on the back of the club. What they did they were saying with that butterfly feature in the back top of the crown they were able to lower some of the mass of the clubs they're able to put the stability on the back versus on the bottom like it is under typical driver. It felt good. It took me a year to hit it.


It is solid I think because I know your ball fly was launched a lot. I am not a bad guy because they talk about that put in to see you lower and lower and lower back. So I certainly certainly not a huge difference in your flight.


Yeah it was getting up in the air pretty quick. They felt sore in the face of the ones that I felt like got caught in the middle one out of 10. Yeah. Side were hidden into a net so we can only see the first maybe 30 yards of the ball flight. But as far as the field is static the sound of it. I liked it all. It looks like your typical driver actually likes to feel a bit a little bit more than I think some of the previous paying models.


Yeah I liked that the feeling of it being fast enough. Yeah I saw that from his own.


So check it out. Try to get fit. Stay tuned. Definitely try to get your hands on the new paying for 10 driver. This.