New Flightscope Mevo Personal Launch Monitor

Arick Zeigel
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Flightscope Mevo, the industries first accuracte portable personal launch monitor

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Video Transcript

Hey guys. Again here at the PJ show 20 19 we got Tyler here from flight scope. He's gonna be showing us how to use the new flight scope. Me vote if you haven't seen anything about it. Definitely going to want to check it out. You can go to your guy's web site. You can also view some stuff on our Web site. We got some blogs and content but not it ultimately. We're just here to learn about a bit more about the product. So Tyler is going to take us through some of the basics.


The unit is blue too. So once you go into the half. You'll see the connection coming through. So you have all your sessions here that you could see. So you have past sessions you can of course name most you can at the data. Exactly. Yes you go back in here and review all these sessions if you want to see the videos there. So we'll go into and start the session here. You can name it. I know where to start the session here. So it'll bring you in on a video here whenever it says ready that means you're ready to hit.


So we'll go ahead and do a video here. What do you do have a slug.


This. So the cool thing about the app too is that it automatically records and clips it. So you saw that it just went back live there. Right. So you can basically have the phone just sitting in your golf bags. And you just. Click. All. Along with the data overlay. Oh really. Well after that.


I can't wait for any normal little girls. She's still got at it. Now some go into. Some of these.


Screens here. So this is your trajectory and all the data. They are so good at ball speed your club head speed smash factor carry distance. The vertical launch spin rate and then high end time. Devices and range if by any chance is not struggling to connect a little bit. You click that that's going to bring up amigo serial number. You know exactly which one is. Right. Captures so this is the thing that I want to show you is you know when I go to a data. And I come back and it's only going to show me the data. So you just look at data and you look at. And it speaks to you so you can just put the phone down there and just. About everybody I can. Talk.


About readily thinks who's going to get it. What's the pitching one.


So you have the pitching indoor outdoor. This is when you have like 20 yards or last fall slides. Or so you can capture like.


Short shift. Yeah. Yeah. And it gives. Ball speed.


Smash right Ricky smash. I knew I could chip or spend. Awesome. And price point.


Is fine I know. Right. Yes. You saw the first ever real personal bauble. Last month.


From a guy from a net. Yeah from one of the leaders in the industry. By less than five hundred bucks. Pretty. Pretty sweet. Gold.


Prices. Nah I'm good. Thanks a lot.