New Cobra Golf F9 Speedback Irons Review, using real grass & real golf balls.

Arick Zeigel
  • Author: Arick Zeigel
  • GLT Partner
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Matthew Cooke
  • Author 2: Matthew Cooke
  • GLT Founder & Director

We take the Cobra Golf F9 Speedback Irons out for a test drive - hitting real golf balls on real grass we give you our take

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Video Transcript

Hey guys. Really excited to do a quick review for you on the new Cobra King F nine irons. These are yet to be released. We're really excited that we got our hands on a couple. We're gonna demo them out and give you our feedback as well as educate you a little bit on some of the new features that cobra has really put into the design of these clubs. So first impression you know it looks like a cobra club. There's nothing really crazy to me as far as a difference in design.


Only really when you get close up and you look at this.


Yes. So you'll notice. Yeah. So what Matthew's talking about when you look at it and we'll get a close up of this for you. But when you look at the bottom of the club there's actually two different types of metal. So what they did is they wrapped this heavier steel is my understanding around kind of the perimeter. Yes and this tungsten thank you around kind of the bottom from of the club. So they've taken the mass of the clothing they've actually moved it lower so the center of gravity of this club has now moved lower in the club which is going to help produce higher ball flights increasing carry which is gonna make this a perfect iron for any golfer really looking for more forgiveness and obviously more distance.


Yeah. Not that that's the primary thing that they've tried to do with these clubs is increase trajectory and increase distance while trying to maintain the consistency still with the iron that the three things that they're really going after with them.


Yeah one other thing before I turn over to you Mattie. They've they've added this kind of higher MLR so moment of inertia by adding let's see they've combined 33 grams of tungsten added to the human toll of the club which has actually increased the moment of inertia by 10 percent in the long ions for maximum stability and higher inertia. So you're getting faster ball speeds with these and then obviously with what they've done in the bottom with what they call the power shell is going to produce that higher ball flight. So you have forgiveness as far as kind of misdirect shots in the face creating a more stable ball flight which even the best players on the world may strike. Golf shots. Yeah. And that's what most people are looking for. You know we're looking for a good iron and you want something you want to have to hit it perfectly in the middle every time to produce the shot that you want.


Yeah because that's not going to be cool. So if we go out and hit these matters. Anything you want. Yeah. I'm I'm really impressed with the with the CMC melt fast that the technology that they've managed to take from the drive to the high end so you can see on the face when you get real close so we can.


See that there. But if not Ramallah give us. A good insight. And say it.


And get it. Awesome. So yeah. Just you know more precision. I'm just trying to push the boundaries with precision and control it involved what it's all about that interaction between bowling club. Yeah that's what they're trying to maximize. Which is cool. So I think it's pretty interesting. We got this. We've got the component guide which tells us all of the new clubs and all of the shift options both the custom book grids and what comes of stocks up. They've got the Fuji car Atmos 6 chef graphite shaft and the cable store 90 which come as stuck.


And obviously they've got different flex options there as well.


And they've got a few upgrades that no cost so no charge.


Basically all of the cables. They've got the whole all the cable chefs whole spectrum of them which is cool.


And there's there's plenty of coffee there's plenty of upgraded chefs that are going to cost.


I think one of mine won this one theN.S. Pro which is pretty common chef mean I've been fit for golf club. So a lot of time of playing golf and a chef that's always been good for me is as for us I'm trying out the NSA pro modus three tall 1 0 5. It's a regular flex I typically in a stiff.


But I don't have a stiff so I'm going to try the regular a little bit. It's cold out. Yeah. I've got a few layers on so regular folks we're going to be good.


No we're trying out theK.B. s s taper 120 some exciting I'm actually having I used to playK.B. s for a long time and then my last set of irons I actually switched into the shaft that you have not a regular but the same motor shaft. So excited to try this out. So anything you want to add or should we get out there and get a few.


Let's go. Let's go to hell.


Believe all the details about shaft specs upgrades all of that stuff in the description. Let's go and see what it feels like.


Cool so we just wrapped it up. Pretty impressive. Let's not lie. Yeah I mean I'm beyond first. I was a little skeptical not on what they said it would do but more so on. I'm not used to this wide of a soul.


Yeah and the look of it was you can kind of see some of that back edge as I was on the deck. You can just catch a glimpse. I wasn't a huge fan of that first.


I'm still not a huge fan of the aesthetic the look of it necessarily because I play it to be more of a blade or you know like a smaller more players club Club but all in all the thing that surprised me the most was these things go far and go far they go far and even the miss struck shots. I mean it's been I didn't see a difference. It's been a month or so. Yeah it's been a while since we've hit some balls just because our cold it's been and I was genuinely impressed not only with the distance but also in. I mean I didn't hit the middle of the face. Like everybody. Yeah it took me a while to adjust to it was a little lower at first and I was expecting but then it started I got the ball fly up a little bit higher and it carried and I didn't really have my dispersions or anything crazy.


My name though I hit I had a bunch fat off the toe it's my bad shot fat. And I didn't see much curvature if hardly any actually. Hardly any curvature but for the most part fat little thin I'll peel.


Like they still went pretty far and I was carrying that Green Yeah I was flying that green I maybe got an extra 10 15 feet high as well. Yeah so that was awesome. The one thing that. I think. Would stop me from. Buying these is that. I actually like some workability so that's why I play em all blended I because I want to have a little draw I want to ship and move the ball around a little bit and I and you can't do this because you know it's not designed for that is designed to give you this kind of event that my father saw like it does exactly what it says it should do. But for me as a player I would want to work.


You see anything that would stop me but for those people that want to hit it further and I mean yeah I mean this is this is 80 percent of the golf community this is definitely a club that I would suggest checking out if there is yes. If there is any way you can get your hands on these cover fitting near you or you're going to some sort of golf store to check these out I would highly size doing that. It's I was surprised. I was definitely pleasantly surprised and the first couple like you said I hit the first couple a little thin and it's cold out and I'm used to that kind of reverberation.


At first it didn't it didn't hurt back I didn't feel that bad yeah it did really didn't feel that bad even on some of the misdirect ones. I mean I'm a believer.


Yeah I like it. Good job Cobra.