NEW Cleveland RTX 4 Wedge Review, out on the golf course

Arick Zeigel
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Matthew Cooke
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We took the new Cleveland RTX 4 Wedge out on the golf course to test & review - check it out

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Video Transcript

Bye guys. We are gonna be doing a quick review on the newest Cleveland artifacts for wedgies.


Maddie you have which finishes that I have the whole roll. So the tour. That's a cool finish. I just have there. This is part of what their tour and I'm imagining Saturn. So I have the tour Saturn. I'm a fifty eight degree full bounce 58 4 as well. Cool so we're kind of comparing. Yeah. Wedge to wedge. I mean we're looking at the looks the feels we're gonna actually go through that and I'm gonna do a little competition against each other just to see how this performs. We'll give you guys kind of our feedback on that. Yeah I mean they they the ATX for that designed it. For more spin.


More control more consistency than the three things that Cleveland are really pushing with this wedge. So I'm really interested to see. What these new deeper grooves are like and how the ball actually does respond. On the green and in these different situations that we're going to be in because we're not testing them. In a lab situation we're not gonna be in a fully controlled environment like most of these things are tested. We're gonna be in the real environment which is why the played by gonna be hitting our rough hitting our bunkers saying off the fairway trying to hit different shots different heights different trajectories and competing against each other.


So we're really gonna see how they perform in actuality on the golf course. I'm interested to see if really my thing is the grooves I don't see how.


Yes some on my personally what I look for on a good wedge. I like to I like to fight my shots a lot lower shots with some high spins so kind of the workability playability of these clubs the interaction through the rough through the turf is really going to be what I'm looking for. So excited to kind of put these to the test see how they perform. They do have.


Four different grains. We've gotten far different bounces. We've got the fault. They do low an extra low. And a mate as well.


So yeah this has four yes nine. So we'll see. Overall look they definitely look kind of like your typical Cleveland wedge. I grew up playing Cleveland why switching I've always done Quality watches.


Yeah I love Cleveland wedges.


I think everybody's out Cleveland wedges at some point or time. So let's see how these new ones perform. Yeah. Cool so.


We've both grown up playing Cleveland lodges show. The thing that surprised me about these ones because what I'm used to seeing in a Cleveland wedding it's been a while since I've played a Cleveland. What I was used to seeing or was expecting was kind of that ability especially with a 58 or 60 to really open that face and almost give it that pancake look where you can lay it flat on the ground and you just have this kind of confidence it's still gonna be able to get under the ball without chunking it wasn't a huge fan of the interaction through it or it seemed to dig more than I was expecting. I do like though that they've put the dynamic called s 400 shaft in this here and this is this that standard as well.


Yeah standard across the board dynamic.


So that's what I play in my wages Sara. I liked that. I like the look of the wedges. I just struggled with you know what I typically look for or how I typically play a wedge. This one didn't quite perform the way I would want it to. Yeah I mean.


Almost the same remarks. I liked the look of it to a degree. But I can also by just looking to see the potential difficulties that I'm going to have. Just looking at the shape from the design of it I think straightaway that I'm going to dig the crap out of it. And I just feel like that there's not much forgiveness. Interaction wise through the you have from when the club's going to hit the ground. I just feel like there's not very much forgiveness it seems. I've never liked the oil can talk the raw finish but I've tried it again today and I still don't like it. And you know I felt like.


Even though it's a 58 like it it didn't ever look like a 58. It felt like a 55 or 54. So whenever I tried to open it I just felt like it was going to dig even more. So. I mean the performance between you know looking at from an outcome perspective the balls they're still with next to that I will say don't come with still buddy good. The ball still had good control good spin which is remember Cleveland pushing Cleveland pushing these wedges mainly for the consistency and the spin and control like it has them.


Things I just didn't like how yet because I missed struck a couple as far as where it hit on the face on some of those shots but it's still reacted and performed while it still spun. Well yeah but I just was never like satisfied with how it went. I kind of glided through through the rough four through the sand even on some of the tighter fairway lies even when I was open in that face and putting it on the tone trying to expose that bounce.


It always still seemed to take a bit of a debate and I wasn't a huge fan of that but overall you know they're good club that we all play well what we should have done yeah. I think we should've brought out a couple of different grains because this might have just been the full might be the wrong grind for you and for both of us.


Well that's the thing I think we can follow up with another another video on all of the grind. Yeah maybe we stick to one loft and just bring out all the ground. Yeah.


But a good feel good spin. No huge fan of the interaction through the turf. That's kind of my takeaway.


SAM Great performance good ball good great control with the ball but not fun of how it felt. Yeah.