New Bushnell Tour V4 Laser Rangefinder Vs New Leupold GX 5i Laser Rangefinder

Arick Zeigel
  • Author: Arick Zeigel
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Matthew Cooke
  • Author 2: Matthew Cooke
  • GLT Founder & Director

Arick & Matt take a look at the new Bushnell tour v4 rangefinder & the Leupold GX 5i rangefinder, check it out;

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Video Transcript

First impressions

You know the box, it's simple in design nothing kind of crazy to it looks very similar to the Bushnell just reading kind of some of the things here on the side as far as what it does it has a fog mode which I think is pretty cool. I'd like side to see that. Yeah. I mean unfortunately do have fog today so that's going to be hard to tell. Six time magnification and then it's accurate to within plus or minus point five. Half a yard. It's also waterproof which is huge. And then this one actually does give you slope as well. And I know you can it is conforming to tournament play you can disable that. So that's kind of cool. The case on this one is kind of flimsy it's smaller than I was expecting the overall kind of range finder is smaller than I was expecting the case isn't as sturdy or protective as I was kind of. Hoping. But I really like the look of this. Yeah it's a slick simple design. I like the solid black with kind of the gold and the Red Cross. Yeah it just it it looks really good. So I like the weight of it to a little bit heavier than what I'm used to with my range finder so because you play. Bushnell Yeah I've used the Bushnell for a long time. I like the weight of it. So what do you think of yours.


Yeah. Mean my first tech box is nothing special. Simple nice design box. Packaging. Really. Packages is really well. I've always liked the cases with Bushnell much more sturdier than that. I felt this earlier and yeah I completely agree with you. Very seems flimsy to me was the Bushnell cases have always been. Really solid.


So that's I've had the same range finder for years. Yeah. So it makes sense that you know I've had this. I've put it in this every time I use it when I use it when I'm not using it. I always put it in there and that could be one of the reasons why it's survived so long.


I like the size of there's not too big not too small very very light. That's I'm not sure how I feel about how light it is yet because I'm I might lose it. I'm one of 10 people that lose you know feel like you're going to lose it. So but overall I mean it's it's cool simple in it's design nice look nice. I like the Y. I think that's really cool. I don't know how slow I was going. This is a slow perdition looks very clear when you're looking through.


And shooting some of the targets I mean overall good aesthetically. Let's see what it's like and how it performs on the Golf Course.


Cool. So we're gonna go out we're gonna play two holes. Me against Matthew I must start with the loopholes. We're not just playing to compare range finders.


We're playing for pride and I'm gonna kick. Let's get.


One other cool thing mine's cooler than Matthew purely because I also got this attachment from loopholes. It's magnetic wraps around the range finder kind of nicely makes it a little bulky but the best part.


Hands free baby. So my first impression.


First thing putting this little stick it thing on. Although it's convenient as far as keeping it in the car it's kind of hard to access the button at the top. The only other thing is because this one doesn't like light up when when I hit the target I can't tell if I'm shooting the tree behind it or if I'm shooting the actual flag because I know that one vibrates when you hit when it locks on.


This one does. Oh never mind it makes a sound there. Yeah I guess I try. So once you took you to.


Where do you get 163 1 6 2. It also seems to give me a club. It says club 4. No way. It doesn't know my yardage as though. I'm not hitting a foreign one hundred and sixty some yards I've seen. Hit the ball you might need to.


Feel like Mitchell and my guest today on a golf shot.


First impressions. I'm not I'm not too too happy about how shaky it is. It took me a really long time to get a hold of the flag. I can extremely long time.


You know I like the look of it. It's it's got a good weight to it sits well in your hand seem pretty accurate as far as yardage goes. I mean hit a pretty good shot for the first one of the course so we're going to switch. I won the first full. We're going to go to the next hole. We're going to switch Maddie's gonna use the loopholes. I'm a switch to the bush now. Well.


Chat right now.


So we just finished up those two holes.


Maddy I'm sorry your ego is gonna be hurt and a little bit today. I won the challenge. But let's get to the important stuff. So you started with the Bushnell. I start with the loophole. Yeah. I liked the loopholes initially. I liked the size I like the weight of it. It's a little bit heavier than than the Bushnell. I liked that. I wasn't a huge fan of that kind of greenish blue hue. Now a little weird I got used to it after the first couple of times when I was a little weird. I actually if I had to choose between this one and that one I'd prego with the Bushnell. Main reason being. When this one locks on it vibrates It seemed really easy for me. I was confident in kind of knowing okay I got the yardage that I wanted but this one I didn't know actually if I was shooting the right thing and then it made a sound and I was like Oh okay I guess I'm actually locked on. Which was nice but I couldn't tell to it gives you two numbers that slope and the actual the gives you the yardage and then the playing with the slope so the playing No I didn't know which one was which the top one or the bottom one I didn't know at first. This one is very easy. The first number it gives you is gonna be the actual yardage and then the bottom number is the playing yardage taking into account the slope. So for me I like this one from from a. User friendly standpoint this would be the one I'd go with and say I'm the come I thought I would have liked that one more.


But I prefer this one. I like. The color. I like that bluey green color. And I still think it's very clear. I prefer the way that one's dead end up being a little too light for me. I prefer the way of this.


I like the shape of it. I like the feel of it. But. I actually prefer when you're looking at a target.


It changes the no changes in real time. Yeah I like that part.


Like for me how my mind works and how how I've how I've just built myself a program myself. I like that happening in real time and it was easy for me to differentiate between which was the playing yardage to which which was the yardage or slope and which was the added without I'm not sure why but I just knew made sense to me the sense how it is laid out made sense to me not right for everybody but I would I would said this seemed more. Technical comes across more technical from its look from its field from how it functions though still overall functional functionality of it seems more technical than that. And for me. The user experience for me was bad with this because of that. Yeah but two different personalities between those two to me from a quality standpoint to just the look the feel.


You can just tell that this is a higher quality made product. Yes this seems to me like it would be more like your BMW and this would be like you're high on.




Like this one the the weight of it you know it just feels like a quality product I just like and I've been to Bushnell guy my whole life. So I could be kind of my opinion could be skewed because of that just because I've used Bushnell for so long that when I use this it just seemed it was easy or natural that one I just I'd have to spend a little more time with. So there you have it. My take Bushnell Maddie stay loophole. Whichever one you choose you're not going to go wrong with but you know. You have our thoughts. Piece.