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Live View Golf Product

Live View - Golf Training Aid Review

The technical nature of the golf swing and the sheer difficulty which many players find in achieving a reasonable playing standard means that golf has always lent itself to a huge variety of training aids

These range in complexity from old-fashioned heavy clubs to high tech devices which seem as though they would need a physics degree to understand and use.

The One Key Element of all Good Training Aids 

But if there is a common factor in all effective training devices it is the provision of immediate feedback to the golfer about their swing and/or the quality of impact they’re achieving with the ball.

Until recently getting this feedback from launch monitors or video required large and expensive equipment which in practice restricted their use to teaching pros and club fitting services.

But modern digital technology has made launch monitor and video technology portable and inexpensive enough to be used by the individual golfer.

The Live View Golf Digital Swing Mirror (DSM) System 

And one very popular product now offering personal swing video is the Live View Golf DSM.

The manufacturers claim that DSM’s “instant visual feedback . . . links the visual and physical movements to create accurate kinesthetic feedback for dramatically accelerate learning.”

The theory seems sound enough, as there’s no doubt that this kind of feedback is a fantastic aid to learning. But how well does the Live View DSM perform in practice, and just what should the average golfer expect if they decide to try it.

Our Live View Golf Review

The Live View Golf system essentially consists of a tiny camera (less than 4oz) which connects wirelessly to an app on your phone or tablet. Mounted on the tripod provided or an alignment stick you can film from the front or rear, down the line or from any angle and height of your choice. With this adaptability, the system can be used with any club in the bag, including the putter, and you can watch on your tablet as you swing, or study the videos later at your leisure.

The Live View app comes with a range of swing analysis tools including the ability to draw alignment and plane lines, and options for slow motion and frame by frame playback.

Does the LiveView Golf Product Work?

In a word, yes.

Some golfers may find it distracting to look at a screen while hitting balls, but it’s not necessary to do this.

In fact, the real benefit of the Live View system may lie in using it to film practice swings or particular sections of the swing. Removing the pressure of trying to hit “good shots” in this way allows for full concentration on correct movements, and helps the brain to learn and remember the feel of these movements.

And without the ball, the Live View can of course also be used equally well for practice at home, whether indoors or in the backyard.

Solo practice with the Live View is not a replacement for the advice of a qualified teaching pro, but if you already know what you should be doing, and what you’re trying to do, the immediate visual feedback it provides can only be an invaluable aid to learning.

At $349 it’s far from the cheapest training aid out there, but when compared with the cost of being filmed during a series of professional lessons it may be a very worthwhile investment for golfers serious about improving.

To see how GLT's team of coaches use live view to help players get better faster watch the video below