Live View Golf, How Does it Work & How Do You Set it Up?

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Live View Golf What & How

One of the rapidly developing new generation of high-tech training aids, the Live View Golf Digital Swing Mirror (DSM) uses a camera connected to your tablet or phone to provide immediate visual feedback on your swing or putting stroke.

LiveView Golf Digital Swing Mirror

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The Idea of Live View Golf

The golf swing is a complex physical movement, but one which is very well understood. For many years the swings of good players have been analyzed in extraordinary detail with the help of high-speed photographic technology. But if the scoring data is to be believed, all this knowledge has done little to improve the game of the typical amateur player.

The reason is that although it’s easy for a teacher to tell students what a good swing should look like, it’s very difficult for even the best of them to convey a sense of how the correct swing should feel.

So you may finish a lesson with a list of visual instructions, such as “turn the shoulders 900”, “keep the left arm straight” or “don’t move the head”.

But if you can’t see yourself swing, and you don’t know how these correct movements are supposed to feel, then how do you know whether or not you are following these instructions once you are practicing without the presence of a teacher to guide you?   

Live View Golf may just be the answer.   

Once you have the system set up your tablet or phone screen will show you a real-time mirror image of your body’s movements while you swing. And this instant awareness of how a correct looking swing feels enable far more rapid improvement than can be achieved through traditional practice.

Setting Up the Live View Golf DSM 

The Live View System essentially consists of a light, palm-sized camera which communicates wirelessly with your tablet and phone through the Live View app.

The camera can be mounted either on the tripod provided, for putting practice, or clipped to an alignment stick at the height of your choice.

Using the alignment stick, the camera can be placed to film down the line, from front or rear, or from any other angle of your choice. To film down the line, for example, it’s recommended to position the camera about 5 paces behind you, looking directly down the target line. But for this and all other views it’s very easy to adjust the camera to give exactly the view you want.

Once the camera’s in position, it’s simply a matter of switching on the wi-fi with the app and positioning you’re phone or tablet so that you can see yourself swing. You can hit balls in this way, but some players will prefer to rehearse the correct movements with practice swings only, removing the potential distraction of impact.

Whichever option you choose, a recording of your session will always be available for later review, and the Live View app has a number of tools to help with analysis.    

The Live View App Tools

The most useful, perhaps, will be the drawing tools enabling the super-imposing of plane and alignment lines on images of your actual set-up and swing. Once drawn, sets of lines can be saved as templates for future use.

You can also watch your swing in slow motion, frame by frame, or flip the image to offer a different view.

LiveView Golf Digital Swing Mirror

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A Truly Portable Game Improvement Technology 

It may not offer quite the photographic resolution of the static systems used by teaching pros, but at just 4 oz in weight the Live View is a truly portable, simple device which can be used by the average golfer either on the range or at home.

Retailing for the price of a few lessons with your local PGA pro, the Live View must be well worth considering as an addition to your arsenal of golf training aids.