GravityFit Golf TPro, how to use GravityFit in golf?

Arick Zeigel
  • Author: Arick Zeigel
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Arick shows us how to use the GravityFit Golf TPro for golfers here

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Video Transcript

Hey guys. Eric Zeiger with game like training golf. We're gonna be talking a little bit about the basics on how we put on the gravity fit and how we use it to hit golf shots. So important thing to know we're gonna be using the yellow band because it's a slightly lighter resistance and that is meant to hit golf shots with the green band is a higher resistance made more for kind of developing and activating that deep muscle system for an awareness tool.


So we're going to use the yellow band for that. So first thing when we're putting this on if you're putting it on by yourself. Make sure the G is upside down. When we slide our arms in through the tubing so that the g is the appropriate way when it sits on our back. Now take the straps push them out in front of you. And then we're gonna take the clamps here. We're going to push them up pretty tight close to our armpits. Make sure they're nice and snug so we can feel that back both sitting on our on our t spine there. So we have this middle piece this we're trying to feel again on our two spine and then we have the two outer pieces that we're trying to feel on our shoulder blades. So what I feel initially is I can't feel the shoulder blade or the shoulder paddles so I'm probably a little hunched over so I need to draw my shoulders back. There we go I can feel all three points tighten these a little bit more. And so once I have those three points of contact I will take my hands and return my thumb down to the ground push it into the band and I will do the same thing with my left hand thumb down push it in.


And then as I push my hands out I'm going to rotate my palms up to the sky keeping a little bit of elbow flex.


OK. And again when I make that move I'm trying to maintain all three points of contact. From there we can get into a nice little golf posture maintaining a little bit of that bend in the elbows and make some small movements just to kind of feel and gain that awareness of those three points of contact.


So now we're ready to hit golf shots with this on all we're going to do is we're going take the black keys or going to slide it out of the way. Keeping the same grip so that the yellow tubing is kind of running through our palms. And you'll see we can actually grip this club and it really doesn't obstruct our grip at all. So it's quite comfortable to have on which is awesome so you can use this tool to hit golf shots.


One important thing to note if you are going to hit golf shots make sure you pop out this middle piece simply do that by kind of pushing down on these two pieces there. And this guy pops out. So we don't want to hit golf shots with this. OK. So make sure you do that. Now after you've hit a couple golf shots.


With that on I recommend taking it off going back out there onto the range making some swings at a slower speed trying to see if you can recreate that feeling that awareness that you're getting from the tee Pro. Stay tuned. We have a lot more videos coming out on other ways that you can use this incredible products to get your golf swing or your.