Gravity Fit Golf. What is GravityFit?

Joe Culverhouse
  • Author: Joseph Culverhouse
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Nick Randall Golf
  • Author 2: Nick Randall Golf
  • VP Sports and Performance - Gravity Fit
GravityFit Golf

Anyone that has even casually browsed the golf market recently knows it is seemingly flooded with training aids claiming to help with everything from swing mechanics and mental preparedness to muscle memory (which would be great for Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster or the Tooth Fairy’s golf game, since, like those creatures, it doesn’t exist.) However, with so many products on the market, how do you know which are trustworthy? How can you determine which products will actually aid in the acquisition of golfing skills? To put it simply, follow the science.


While many companies make empty claims about the effectiveness of products, products that are supported by actual scientific research and years of clinical testing are far more likely to deliver results. One such product that Game Like Training is proud to endorse is GravityFit.


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More Than Just A Golf Training Aid

More than simply a golf training aid, GravityFit is an innovative company that specializes in postural training and spine/joint stability. Initially crafted from the findings of a 30-year body of research conducted by Dr. Carolyn Richardson into why society, especially athletes, seem to be sustaining more musculoskeletal injuries than ever, Gravity Fit is based on the principle that when the muscle system is strong, especially the core, the body has more power, agility, balance and better overall stability and posture. However, modern life and many types of exercise actually weaken these deep muscles.


Who Uses GravityFit Golf?

The tools and techniques GravityFit has developed have an obvious application in the physical therapy world, but has recently gained significant traction in golf, particularly at the elite level. At the time of writing, approximately 10 PGA Tour professionals are currently using GravityFit equipment. Those Tour professionals are joined by dozens on the Tour, LPGA Tour, European Tour and other tours around the world. Furthermore, GravityFit is also used by the National Golf Programs of Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, Belgium, Slovenia and Dubai.


GravityFit golf equipment

GravityFit Golf Gains Momentum

As GravityFit gains more momentum with the club golfer and an ever increasing volume of golf coaches, it has become obvious that whilst initially designed to prevent injury, consistent use of the GravityFit tools has a significant carry over to golf performance. One device in particular, the GravityFit TPro, has the ability to greatly accelerate golfer’s understanding and application of postural control, postural endurance, spinal and joint stability and quality of movement in the golf swing. It works as a powerful learning tool that provides a closed feedback loop to the golfer, always delivering awareness of posture and movement quality. GLT's Iain Highfield recently took a golf lesson with GLT's Arick Zeigel and got first hand experience of how to use the GravityFit TPro and other technologies in a golf lesson.  


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Who Should Use GravityFit Golf?

For both the golf player and golf coach, this is a very good thing because it allows the golfer to react to an external cue that can literally be felt, as opposed to an abstract concept presented by the golf instructor. In turn, this frees the golf instructor to deliver coaching cues and information that is more related to outcome, such as controlling ball flight.


While many products tout results based on unproven theories, GravityFit offers products built upon space-age technology… literally. GravityFit’s deep muscle activation procedure has been used by astronauts to help adjust to the effects of gravity variation, helping muscles activate by adding an exercise program focused on resistance-based gravity simulation. While other products frivolously use words like revolutionary, GravityFit actually fits the bill, and has the research to support the claim. As such, and in line with our belief in the learning sciences, GLT Golf is proud to partner with GravityFit to encourage the use of golf aids that assist in a safe, effective, scientifically proven system to help golfer acquire skill.