Driver vs. Driver 2 - Meet the Contestants

Joe Culverhouse
  • Author: Joseph Culverhouse
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Driver vs Driver 2 contestant


In Golf Channel’s Wilson Driver vs. Driver 2, 14 competitors will be competing for the opportunity to have their driver produced and taken to market by Wilson Golf. Oh, and the winner will also be taking home a check for $250,000.


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Let’s find out just who those competitors will be:

  1. Chris Adams, 32, a structural engineer from Denver, Colorado.
  2. Juan Biancardi, 41, a graphic designer from Miramar, FL. Jaun will be teaming with Walter Lund, 41, a golf coach also from Miramar.
  3. Hank Boomershine, 48, this former competitive bowler from Perry, Utah will be teaming with Victor Marion, 34, a bowling ball designer.
  4. Jeremy Chell, 42, a mechanical engineer from Madison, Wisconsin.
  5. Peter Dreyfuss, 48, an engineer, sailor and holder of multiple medical patents form Naples, FL.
  6. Scott Haack, 48, an inventor and entrepreneur from Chardon, Ohio.
  7. J.D. Hefferin, 27, a real estate analyst & professional poker player from Orlando, Florida.
  8. Evan Hoffman, 27, an industrial designer from San Diego, California.
  9. Jimmy Huynh, 28, an industrial designer and return contestant from Driver vs. Driver Season 1 from.
  10. Bob Lockhart, 81, a product designer/self-proclaimer tinkerer from Big Spring, Texas.
  11. Tim Slama, 22, a mechanical engineering student at Oregon State University.
  12. Samantha Smith, a recent graduate of the University of Arizona currently working in the medical field.
  13. Tim Swiss, 38, an industrial designer from Carlsbad, California.
  14. Allen Zadeh, an industrial designer from Brooklyn, New York.


These 14 competitors hope to come out on top as the champion of Wilson Driver vs. Driver 2. The last person/group standing will join the winner of Season One, Eric Sillies, as one of the top new names in golf innovation.


Tune in to the Golf Channel each Tuesday at 9PM EST to see who will take home the title of Wilson Driver vs. Driver 2 Champion.


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