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Dave Pelz Golf Putting Tutor

Dave Pelz Golf

Dave Pelz Golf was founded by David T. Pelz, a golf expert focused on helping every golfer reach their full potential.

Dave Pelz attended Indiana University where he majored in Physics, he then went on to work for NASA at the Goddard Space Flight Center researching upper atmospheres of the Earth. Dave utilized his expertise in physics to create and design golf training aids of the highest quality.

Dave Pelz Golf has a training aid to help every aspect of your game improve. Check out some of his best here: 

Buy The Dave Pelz Wedge Impact Tape

Easily attaches to the surface of a wedge face to show the point of impact after every shot. Measure wedge impact patterns, improve sweet-spot impact skills and develop a better wedge swing.

Buy The Dave Pelz Putting Track

Helps develop a down-the-line putting stroke through impact. Adjustable spacer rails fit to your exact putter and groove the perfect alignment to the target. Alignment cues along the rail allows you to visualize your putter face angle, while a mirror helps you check your eye placement.

Buy The Dave Pelz Truth Putting Board 

The perfect training aid to help you master the 3-foot putt. Helps develop groove short stroke mechanics. Available in 3 skill settings; Standard, Pro and Super Pro.

Buy The Dave Pelz Dual Target Short Game Net 

A lightweight and portable net for chipping and precision practice. Perfect for those need a net that is portable and lightweight.

Here at GLT, we strongly recommend those struggling with their short game to utilize the Dave Pelz Putting Tutor. This training aid was specifically designed to teach on-line putting and green reading. The Putting Tutor provides you with putter face alignment feedback, eye position feedback and feedback to help groove your stroke. The Putting Tutor gives you clear indication as to whether you are pulling or pushing putts off the blade. The feedback you will receive will help you learn how to square your putter face and improve aim. The Dave Pelz’s Putting Tutor has been utilized by numerous PGA Tour professionals such as Phil Mickelson.

Dave Pelz also offers various golf clinics and has 2 and 3-day golf schools throughout North America, Europe and Asia for those who prefer in person expert instruction.

Dave Pelz Golf is a trusted name designing golf training aids that are practical and will help strengthen your fundamentals. Dave Pelz’s golf techniques are proven to improve your game and lower your score.

Check out our collection of Dave Pelz Golf training aids here

Dave Pelz Wedge Impact Tape