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Rickie Folwer Puma


The name Cobra-Puma Golf has become synonymous with easy to hit golf clubs for golfers of all levels.


Originally founded in San Diego, CA as Cobra Golf  in 1973 by champion Australian amateur golfer, Thomas Crow,  and based on modifications Crow made to his Precision Golf clubs, the company debuted their first commercially available golf club in 1975.


The first club produced by what would become Cobra-Puma golf is a name familiar to those that know the brand. Known as The Baffler, the club - a 23 degree persimmon 7 wood – would come to be known as the grandfather of modern hybrid golf clubs, and would establish the company as being a leader in golf club innovation.


In 1979, Cobra continued their innovative approach with a 46 inch extended length driver, designed to provide greater swing speed to amateur golfers.


Greg Norman Cobra
Cobra Forged Irons were developed once Greg Norman joined the brand.


In 1985, Cobra became the first golf club manufacturer in the United States to offer graphite shafts as a stock option in woods and irons, and in 1992, became the first to offer a full set of oversized irons.


With the help of Bryson DeChambeau, Cobra-Puma Golf became the first golf club manufacturer since Tommy Armour Golf in the 1980s to offer complete sets (sans putter) of single-length irons to the consumer market.


DeChambeau is the latest in Cobra-Puma Golf’s arsenal of PGA Tour ambassadors, a tradition that reached new levels with Greg Norman joined the company as a part-owner in 1991.


Norman’s share of the business was included in 1996 when Cobra Golf was purchased by Acushnet Company, the parent company of Titleist, which owned the company until it sold to Puma in 2010.


Though no longer an owner, Norman remains a brand ambassador, along with DeChambeau, Tour sensation Rickie Fowler, Tour winner Joey Garber and Champions Tour legend Jesper Parnevik.


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