Cobra F9 Speedback Irons - Cobra's Latest Innovation

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Cobra F9 Irons

Cobra Golf is a company which prides itself on bringing the most innovative ideas in club technology within the reach of the average handicap player, and its new irons for the 2019 season are another example of this philosophy in action.

New Performance Features and a Distinctive Look

The first impression of most golfers on seeing the King F9 Speedback irons will probably be that they look a bit different, and that first impression is not misleading.

The clubs have been designed and engineered with a longer face to give them a distinctive lower and wider look.

But this is not just a matter of aesthetics. Cobra’s engineers have set out to tackle the age old question of how to maximize distance without sacrificing the more elusive but vital qualities of forgiveness, playability and control.

Distance irons typically tend to have a higher center of gravity and therefore a lower launch angle, with an associated loss of spin and control.

The Cobra F9 irons seek to get round this problem by adding weight in the expanded heel and toe areas to force the center of gravity lower and maintain a good launch angle.

To preserve distance, the irons save weight with a variable thickness steel face plate. And for even better performance, the sets come with variations of hosel length and groove shape as between short and long irons.

This feature is designed to help get the ball airborne with the longer irons, while controlling the amount of spin delivered by the shorter irons and wedges.

Cobra F9 One length Irons

The Cobra F9 One Length Irons Option

But perhaps the most interesting feature of the F9 irons is the single length set option in which all the clubs have the shaft length of a standard 7 iron.

It’s not a new idea, and it’s an option Cobra has offered for some years. But it’s come to much greater prominence with the recent emergence of Bryson DeChambeau as one of the PGA Tour’s rising stars.

The essential idea is that with all clubs being of the same length, the golfer is enabled to use the same address and ball position, and to make exactly the same swing each time. And with so many variables eliminated, golf is bound to become easier.

A convinced advocate of one length irons, De Chambeau is one of Cobra’s stable of contracted tour pros, and with five wins in his first three years on tour the concept is evidently working for him.

But the problem is that for the idea to work, there have to be subtle changes in the clubs to ensure that the ball flights traditionally expected from different irons are replicated despite the uniform shaft lengths.

Clearly very few golfers will have access to the kind of bespoke fitted clubs enjoyed by DeChambeau, but the Cobra King F9 irons aim to make many of the benefits of the single length concept widely available.

So the long irons have lighter shafts and more upright lie angles to increase club speed, while the shorter irons and wedges have standard weight shafts and lie flatter for control.

Tracking Technology

As a final touch, the Cobra Connect shot tracking system is available for both the one length and variable length set options. Just download the free app, and a sensor embedded in the club grip will send shot and course management stats to your phone.


The F9 irons are set to hit the stores on 18 January, with a choice of steel or graphite shafts, priced at $799 and $899 respectively.

The standard sets consist of 5 iron – gap wedge for both the one length or variable length options, but a 4 iron and sand wedge are also available.

It’s also possible to purchase individual clubs at a recommended $115.

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Our Summary

The one length concept may not be for everyone, but it’s well worth trying out in store if you’re in the market for new irons.

Watch this space for player reviews of the new clubs, but both F9 sets look like being a competitively priced, high performance option with the added benefit of that conversation provoking, distinctive look.