Cobra F9 Driver - The KING of Speed

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Cobra F9 Driver

Cobra Golf likes to position itself as a young, innovative and exciting brand, and the striking black and yellow design of its new driver for 2019 will certainly reinforce that image.

But more importantly, the King F9 SPEEDBACK driver comes with a host of design features which Cobra calls “the ultimate formula for speed”.


Key to the new design is the combination of a lowered center of gravity and advanced aerodynamics to maximize clubhead speed.

The clubhead shape incorporates a tail, raised skirt and crown, and a rounded front perimeter which together minimize drag. These features are offset by weighting the club head to lower the center of gravity, thereby allowing for a high spin rate and launch angle if desired by the player.

Cobra claims that this unique SPEEDBACK technology delivers an optimum combination of speed, distance and control which has never previously been available.

For even more speed, the clubhead crown contains a higher proportion of carbon fiber for an exceptionally light construction

And while most of today’s drivers come with hand polished clubfaces, the King F9 uses a precision computer controlled (CNC) milling process which is said to ensure the thinnest and hottest face possible for maximum energy transfer between club and ball.

Like some other drivers, including its predecessor, the Cobra F8, the clubface also incorporates some subtle variations of loft to help compensate for off-center strikes.

Putting it to the Test

So as always, the techno-marketing speak sounds great, but what do we know so far about how the club performs?

Speed and Distance

Hard data is necessarily limited for a club not due for release until 18 January 2019, but early anecdotal evidence suggests that the F9 makes good on its claim to produce excellent speed and distance.

And this should not be surprising as the clubhead is said to be some 12% aerodynamically superior to the F8, and 10 grams lighter than most of its competitors.

But perhaps almost as important as speed for most golfers are such factors as spin, control and launch angle; and in this respect the F9 should also score well.

Inside Cobra F9 Driver

Spin and Control

The club offers 9, 10.5 and 12.5 degree loft options and each of these can be manually adjusted by a further 2 degrees each way using the MyFly 8 hosel device.

The F9 also comes with two weight slots and can be further customized by moving the supplied 14 and 2 gram weights between them. Simply set the 14 gram weight in the rear slot to increase spin and vice versa.

For still more control, the amount of roll and bulge is designed with a built in gradient to increase or reduce spin for shots hit low or high on the clubface. And even more impressively, this feature is deliberately less pronounced in the 9 degree model which is likely to be preferred by lower handicap players who need less help with launch angle and carry.

Built In Analytics

With all these ingenious features added to innate speed, it should be possible to tinker with the F9 until you have a high performance driver which precisely suits your game.

But if you want even more assistance, the Cobra Connect shot tracker is embedded in the grip of every F9. Simply download the free app and connect to your phone to start tracking your shot data.


There’s no doubt that there’s a lot of technology packed into Cobra's new king of speed, but for all that it’s priced for launch at a very competitive $429.99 only at GLT Golf Store.

The Cobra KING F9 Speedback Driver