CBD Chewing Gum and Tiger Woods?

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Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson recently started chewing gum while golfing

Mickelson stated he does it “to boost cognitive function. The chewing aspect stimulates the frontal cortex,” said Mickelson.


While Tiger Woods said, "I’m chomping on this gum because I usually get hungry, I keep eating so much, and it curbs my appetite a little bit, which is nice,” Woods said. “Most of the time, most of the issues I have at tournaments, I lose so much weight, as you all know.”


At this point team GLT would like to point out that chewing gum should help with him losing weight instead. So the appetite curbing mentioned only makes a little sense.


Data and research back up Mickelson’s gummy beliefs. Studies have shown that chewing gum is associated with improved alertness and the ability to process new information, though the results are far from definitive.

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When WADA announced athletes could use cannabidiol (CBD), as it didn’t consider the substance performance-enhancing, the PGA Tour adopted similar rules. However, players received an official PGA Tour newsletter earlier this month advising them notto use CBD products. Their reasoning? “CBD products (like all supplements) pose a risk to athletes because they have limited government regulation and may contain THC, the psychoactive component of cannabis that is prohibited,” the newsletter read. Was this newsletter a response to golfers chewing CBD gum? We can only wonder.

But it would also make sense why CBD gum would attract golfers, especially older ones like Mickelson and Woods. Not only would CBD calm any nerves in competitive play, it’d also ease any aches and pains a golfer might endure throughout a given tournament.

“Competition at the highest levels of professional sports can no doubt be very stressful, especially when legacy and money is on the line, CBD Gum is an amazing tool to help reduce the stress levels of top athletes while also boosting their cognitive functioning. Along with lowering the stress levels of athletes, CBD helps reduce inflammation and improve sleep quality for quicker recovery. 

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