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Joe Culverhouse
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Wilson Driver vs Driver 2


When Golf Channel’s Wilson Driver vs. Driver 2 hits the air (tonight,) a new batch of contestants will be vying for an opportunity usually only available for those within the product design divisions of golf manufacturing companies. But just what is Wilson Driver vs. Driver 2?


For Wilson Driver vs. Driver 2, 14 contestants, or 14 competitors, as there are two teams of 2 competing alongside 12 individuals, have been selected from a pool of thousands based on the unique designs of their golf drivers. Thanks to the show, their concepts have been transformed in to physical prototypes.


Find out more about Wilson Golf here


Now, they just have to get by the judges.


This season on Wilson Driver vs. Driver 2, Tim Clarke, (President of Wilson Golf with over 20 years of golf experience,) Jeremy Roenick (9-time NHL All-Star, analyst for NHL on NBC and scratch golfer,) and PGA Professional Rick Shiels (a golf equipment review and online golf personality with nearly 400,000 YouTube subscribers) are on board and ready to make sure each driver is up to the standards demanded not only by Wilson Golf, but by players of all levels around the globe.

Throughout the course of the show, a selection of leading PGA Tour players, athletes, and entertainment professionals will test and critique the prototypes until only one survives.

Meet the Driver vs Driver 2 contestants here.

For that survivor, a check for $250,000 is the reward, along with the thrill of seeing their product sold on sports equipment store shelves around the world.


The Season One winner of Wilson Driver vs. Driver, Eric Sillies, and industrial design graduate from the University of Cincinnati, that opportunity is now a reality. His design, now known as the Wilson Trition DVD, is one of the most adjustable multi-piece drivers on the market.


Be sure to tune in at 9PM ET each week to see which contestant takes the honor being golf’s next big innovator as Golf Channel’s Wilson Driver vs. Driver 2 prepares to tee off.


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