Ways to Save Money at GLT Golf Store

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ways to save money at glt golf store

GLT Golf Store is here to help you save some money on your golf purchases!


If you are anything like 99.9% of the population then you are alway happy to save a few extra bucks on a purchase. So with that in mind here are some ways you can do it on our store.


  1. Make sure you reach $35 or more so you dont have to pay any shipping fee's.
  2. If you're are looking at golf balls check out all the Srixon brand selections; we are giving away 1 extra dozen for every 4 dozen you buy!
  3. If you are a PGA Golf Professional or a Golf Coach looking for training aids, call us on 770-809-6117 and you'll get a 10% discount when doing your order over the phone!
  4. Looking for 'Golf Shoes' or 'Golf Apparel' use this coupon code: GLTSA1 and save 10% on your total order (p.s. you could have other things in your cart too! So long as you have something from the apparel or shoe categories you're good to go!)
  5. Looking to purchase that new driver? Or that new wedge? Well now you can save an extra 5% on the total order! Just use coupon code GLTCLUBS and you'll see 5% slashed from your order total!


We are always looking at ways to saqve you more money so be sure to visit this page frequently, or whenever you're in the market for some new golf gear! 



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