How to Make More Money Teaching Golf

Matthew Cooke GLT Golf
  • Author: Matthew Cooke
  • GLT Founder & Director
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Make More Money

Make More Money Teaching Golf?

In this article I 'm going to give you some simple steps to follow so that that you're able to make more money as a golf teaching professional.


There is still plenty of opportunity in the golf industry!

Despite the negativity that surrounds golf & its decline in participation over the years, there are still some very interesting facts. Check some out here:

  • Golf has had a $191.9 Billion Dollar impact in America alone.
  • The size of the golf economy is $84.1 Billion Dollars nationally.
  • There are approx. 1,500 US regulated golf facilities.
  • The spend in golf tourism alone is approx. $25.7 Billion Dollars.
  • The total new home construction in golf communities amounts to approx. $7.2 Billion Dollars.
  • Golf contributes to a multitude of causes that amounts to approx. $2.4 Billion Dollars.
  • There is approx. $1.9 Billion Dollars invested in golf facilities.


I believe the golf industry is ripe for taking. With change in consumer behaviour & advances in technology golf teachers & PGA Professionals that need to make more money simply need to adjust their strategy. Here I will give you one strategy step by step:


  • Create a google email account.

By doing this you'll have the opportunity to use all of googles tools when needed. Using them properly is another story so ill write about that another time soon. 

  • Create a google business listing.

If you do this you are 60% more likely to get new customers so its a no brainer. How to make a google listing? Ill write about it soon.

  • Set up an online schedule and integrate it with your google business listing.

It is very simple to do and i would suggest using since thats what we use. If you want to know more about it and how to set it up for a golf teacher ill write about that soon too.

  • Using your google business listing, create your own google business website.

Google give you the option to do this & in a matter of minutes you'll have a basic website. Note: My preference would be to create an actual website but that costs a lot of money if you want to do it right and maintain it. You can do this later, for now lets just make some more money. Ill write about this soon since it could be a whole series alone!

  • Create a junior golf program. 

Make it X number of dollars for X number of classes over X number of weeks. Split the classes up in 2 groups using age group, skill and motivation as a guide post. Doing it this way is the closest you'll get to having kids who should be together be together. It is also helpful from their school schedules perspective too since that is a major factor in the success of your program. After the first 6-months you'll see the program participation blow up! It wont blow up straight away so be patient. Not only will i write about this, but ill give anyone who asks for it our full golf academy programs booklet & PDF's that show you everything from sign up forms to the copy we write in our social and email posts. 

  • Partner with US kids Sports camps or PGA Junior Camps.

The first year it will be slow and will only generate a few thousand $ for you but do a good job and the second year onwards you'll be raking it in. This can set you up for the whole year if done correctly. Me and a friend of mine used to clear 50K over the course of 8-weeks and that was in our 3rd year! This is simple but ill write about how to do it exactly and who you need to email another time soon.

  • Create an adult golf program for beginners.

The parents of your junior program usually want to get involved and their are many beginners that will want to learn how to play golf for the sake of spending more time withtheir family. Follow the same format as the junior program and make sure to base the schedule on the very first group of people who are interested. Ill write about this along with the junior programs and ill give away all the documents we have created for our adult activity too!

  • Set up a google ads account & run local ads so you start showing up #1 for golf lessons locally.

You can control a lot of things with Adwords but most importantly your budget. In most cases you can spend $5-10 a day on ads and not need to spend anymore than that. This ill write about in more depth later. A few articles will come from this since the depth of Google Ads is endless.

  •  Automate emails to your customers for reviews & link them to your google business listing so when people do write a review, they do it on google.

When it comes to golf lessons, you are 98% more likely to be chosen when you have positive reviews on your listing so commit to building this and trust that over time you'll benefit the most. This is a few simple steps that i will write about within the next few weeks, unless you want to ask me sooner.


Golf is going more online than ever

Finaly, the world is going online and has been for the past 3-5 years in golf. Maximize the digital boom and get your knowledge and expertise online. If you can do this then your business just went from local to global. The only issue you'll have is if you choose to build it all on your own. Its expensive so do yourself a favor and partner with someone and get a 70/30 split or least 50/50. When you create the content you'll soon be collecting a check, and the rest you can leave with someone who already has the infastructure to launch it, promote it and host it. Chosing to operate a website and hosting online video and everything else that comes along with it will cost you a minimum of $150,000 a year so save your money & outsource it. Create an online course to start with and share your philosophy and expertise with the world. Create dowqnloadable PDF's, video drills and video tips that you believe in and have proven to be succesful for you as a coach or PGA Professional.


I have a Motor Learning Online Course that has been purchased from people all over the world. I went from local to global and dramatically increased my income as can you.


If you have an idea and want to make more money online, partner with us. Get a 70/30 split & we'll cut you a check every quarter for money that is rightfully yours.