How To Become a PGA Golf Professional

Matthew Cooke
  • Author: Matthew Cooke
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PGA Golf Professional Career

To be a PGA Golf Professional means you're a certified member of the Professional Golfers' Association. The PGA has locations across the world & all have a similar set of requirements. You must meet these certain requirements for eligibility to enroll in the PGA's program:

  • Pass the Player Ability Test (playing 36 holes in one day with a specific score)
  • Take qualifying courses and pass a test
  • Complete three levels of coursework within eight years
  • Have a golf-related job
  • Pay fees

Become a PGA Golf Professional in Great Britain

Become a PGA Golf Professional in United States

To become a PGA Member, you must be registered as an Associate & be completing the professional Golf Management Program (PGA PGM) Program. If you finish this Professional Golf Management Program, you become a Class A member with a sub-classification based on your work title. A few coleges offer four-year or two-year degrees that inclde the program too.

A PGA membership is good for any area of golf, even if you only play for fun. Most golfers use it to become a golf pro, teaching pro, or playing pro. What's the difference?

Golf Club Professional

A PGA Golf Club Professional usually runs a golf course. Job positions include:

  • First Assistant
  • Assistant Golf Professional
  • Head Golf Professional
  • Director of Golf
  • General Manager
  • Tournament Coordinator
  • Golf Course Superintendent

Sometimes you may have to fill more than one role. You probably will teach golf lessons and clinics, occasionally. Other options are to repair clubs, sell golf products, or design courses.

Golf PGA Teaching Professional

A PGA Teaching Professional is someone who teaches or coaches Golf. The teaching position you have in the industry, such as Director of Instruction, determines your specific sub-classification. Many PGA golf pros are also teaching pros by nature of their jobs, but their sub-classification is based on their main role as golf pro.

PGA Golf Playing Professional

Being a PGA Tour Player is not the same as being a PGA Golf Professional. Of course, tour players can be PGA members with their own classifications, but its not mandatory for being on tour. A PGA Tour Player is someone who has qualified through the mini tour or another way. To keep your tour card, you need to make the top 125 on the PGA Tour money list. 

Step Up Your Game

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