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  • Author: Iain Highfield
  • Arick Zeigel's admin assistant
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Capto Putting Webinar - Information

Date ?

May 20th 


11 am -12 pm EST

How do I book my place ?

Click here to book a place in the Capto Putting Webinar or fill in the form below

What if I cant attend ?

Footage will be avalabile on YouTube and you will be notified when this process is complete. 

How will I get the notification for recorded footage ? 

You must follow us on YouTube, CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE

What if I have more questions ?

Email GLT Director and Capto Putting Certified Coach,


At GLT we are very proud to have our golf education site  and our golf retail site partner with Capto and be the US distributor. But we believe being a distributor for a product like Capto Golf involves way more than just shipping and posting blogs. We want to educate golf coaches and provide them the most up to date golf education and information.

With this goal in mind, Arick Zeigel, PGA golf coach, GLT Director and Capto Level 2 Certified putting coach will be providing a FREE WEBINAR. Knowledge is power, and knowledge about your putting technique can take your golf game to the next level.  


With precision putting technology and online golf education resources, Capto Putting offers an affordable and effective way to analyze putting strokes. The high-quality measurements of the Capto putting sensor result from combining measurement frequency, sensor quantity and sensor accuracy capturing the best data possible. 

Precision Putting Technology

A Capto Putting sensor attaches below the putter’s shaft and collects data that is used to analyze your stroke. The single sensor device is composed of five calibration and nine measurement sensors that work together to gather information up to 400 frames per second. At a weight of only 47 grams, Capto Putting aids are lightweight and easy to travel with. The Capto Putting sensor can used both inside and outside in a range of weather conditions. Each time it is used, the Capto Putting sensor measures over 30 parameters including the following:

  • Path to arc
  • Directional and height acceleration
  • Forward press angles
  • Total swing time
  • Face, shaft and lie angles

GLT want to help you on your capto journey. If you would like to be able to do this and more Click here to book a place in the Capto Putting Webinar