Iain Highfield - Co-founder of Game Like Training Golf – Golf Psychology / Effective Practice

Career Highlights

• Created a golf psychological conditioning program that was implemented at the Nike Golf Academy (UK) Bishops Gate Academy (FL) International Junior Golf Academy (SC).

• Iain’s golf psychology program is currently being delivered via the ‘Game Like Training’ virtual classroom to Penn State University, European Tour Golfers and College Golfers

• Published author, ‘OSVEA, Practical Ways to Learn Golf’s Mental Game’

• Golf Digest’s Top young coach 2017/2018/2019

• Current Golf Digest online coach

• Created an online course with support from Dr David Grecic & Dr K Anders Ericsson

• Collaborated on coach education with world renowned golf bio-mechanist Dr. Robert Neal.


• Sports Coaching

• Sport and Exercise Psychology

• Completed a mentorship program with renowned sports psychologist and neuroscientist Dr. Fran Pirozzolo.

Coaching Services

1-hour session $150

5 hours $600

12 hours $1200

Monthly retainer - Remote Coaching Only $400 pm

3 Month Tour Experience $1800

Team coaching with another GLT recommended coach $600 - $1500 pm (please email info@gltgolf.com)