GLT Golf Coaches

GLT Golf has partnered with world class golf coaches across the globe who have expertise in key areas of golf development. These individuals operate based on evidence & research NOT just beliefs. This group of golf coaches are constantly striving to better their own skill sets in order to provide high level golf coaching to their students. We proudly present them on our platform knowing full well that they are a true representation of what the golf industry needs to improve the quality of its populated content.  As we continue to build ra hub of innovative like minded golf coaches, this hub is sure to help golfers think differently & train differently.

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Iain Highfield

Iain Highfield is a golf performance coach that specializes in sports psychology and effective golf practice. Over the last decade Iain has helped multiple D1 College golfers, College golf teams and European Tour golf professionals develop training programs that help them deal with the stresses of playing elite level golf. Iain is the co-founder of Game Like Training and Director of Education. 

Zach Parker

Zach is a golf coach that specializes in Long Term Athletic Development. Zach has extensive knowledge of the golf swing and has developed golf training programs that combine golf swing mechanics, physical competencies and effective practice. These programs are currently used by a number of D1 college golfers and elite level junior golfers. Zach has completed all GLT online courses and certifications and will be assisting us develop future education. 

Arick Zeigel

Arick is a golf coach that specializes in the integration of golf technology into effective training programs. His unique background of being educated by a number of the worlds top coaches including, Hank Haney, Kevin Smelts, Dr. Robert Neal and Stuart Morgan has provided him with a skill set that currently help D1 College players and Mini Tour golfers improve their tournament performance. Arick was the first ever GLT associate and has completed all of GLT's available education.

Costanza Trussoni

AAA Golf Professional of South Africa, Ladies European Tour Member, TPI and Trackman certified coach. Costanza has a solid foundation in fundamental aspects of golf coaching. Over the last 3 years, Costanza has explored the many regions of Motor Learning and Sports Psychology by undergoing GLT’s educational courses and excelling in all.

Stuart Morgan

Stuart has a wealth of coaching experience that began after playing professionally and becoming a PGA member. Focused on talent identification and player development. Using his philosophies & knowledge, Stuart's background has helped GLT courses encompass a combination approach for both physical and psychological development. We are very grateful to Stuart for sharing his knowledge and passion with us.

Marc Molin

Marc was a junior Athlete in multiple sports, and has always been passionate about the art of learning. He has used his passion and knowledge to develop successful junior programs during his career and continues to work with multiple institutions in Denmark sharing his knowledge on how to do so. Marc continues to build his evidence based teaching practice through engaging in all GLT certifications and has launched GLT Denmark.

Chad Philips

Chad is equipped with a wealth of knowledge on the golf swing the latest golf technology. Chad also possesses an undressing of what it takes to play at the highest level and has used this to help some of the best junior golfers in the world tradition into college and beyond. Chad is constantly using the GLT resources to help create effective practices for his students and will be creating some GLT education in the near future.