Matthew Cookeemail coach

Matthew Cooke

GLT Director

Passion = Skill Acquisition & Motor Learning

Over the course of his career, Matthew has experienced teaching at every level. Throughout that time, Matthew has continued to develop his knowledge on how people learn and become skillful. Since putting the whole idea of Game Like Training Golf into action, Matthew has spent countless hours conversing with world renowned scientists in Motor Learning, Cognitive Psychology, and Neuroscience. Having strong relationships with like-minded people, Matthew strives to create and share information in a more practical way to educate and inspire the golfing world.

Iain Highfieldemail coach

Iain Highfield

GLT Director

Passion = Mental Performance

Throughout his time teaching, Iain has developed golfers at every level from beginners to touring professionals. Over the course of 12 years coaching, Iain has developed systems and strategies that allow for golfers to explore their hidden talents and abilities. Since joining Matthew, with the same vision to revolutionize the way that golf is taught and learned, Iain has worked with professionals in Neuroscience, Psychology, and other Touring professional’s coaches.

Arick Zeigelemail coach

Arick Zeigel

GLT USA Partner

Passion = Junior Development and Coaching with Technology

Arick Zeigel has dedicated his career to studying the sciences behind expert performance. This leads him to leave his home state of Colorado in order to study under some of the best in the industry. Some of Arick specializes in biomechanics, technology, junior development, constraint led learning and teaching games for understanding. Arick’s goal is to continue to learn while educating coaches and players on how to effectively train through thinking and training differently.

Christie Blaurockemail coach

Christie Blaurock

GLT Associate

Passion = Junior Development

The latest addition to the GLT Golf Staff, Christie Blaurock is a Georgia native. Christie played 4 years of college golf at Young Harris College. While there, she developed a passion for helping others. Her goal is to serve coaches and players by developing not only their golf skills, but also their mental performance on and off the course.

Stuart Morganemail coach

Stuart Morgan

GLT European Partner

Passion = Biopsychosocial Elements of Elite Performance

The Mid Wales native has a wealth of coaching experience that began after playing professionally and becoming a PGA member. Morgan joins GLT, along with Stuart Morgan Golf, where he offers comprehensive junior golf training and consultations for Tour players.

Focused on talent identification and player development, Morgan will help take GLT coach training programs to a new level of individualization. Using his philosophies & knowledge, Morgan’s training will help GLT courses encompass a combination approach for both physical and psychological development. As an expert in Player Development, Morgan will take the GLT training to the next level.

Costanza Trussoniemail coach

Costanza Trussoni

GLT South Africa Partner

Passion = Teaching with Technology & Motor Learning

AAA Golf Professional of South Africa, Ladies European Tour Member and TPI certified, Costanza has a solid foundation in fundamental aspects of golf coaching. Over the last 3 years, Costanza has explored the many regions of Motor Learning by undergoing GLT’s educational courses and excelling in all.

Costanza’s approach to teaching the game of golf differs from traditional teaching, especially when it comes to using world class technologies like trackman golf. Costanza’s use of performance games and her understanding of motor control allows her to take any ability golfer she works with to a new level of performance.

Marc Molinemail coach

Marc Molin

GLT Denmark Partner

Passion = Junior development & skill acquisition

Marc is based in Denmark at The Royal Copenhagen Golf Club, where he is in charge of the junior golf development programs. Marc was a junior Athlete in multiple sports, and has always been passionate about the art of learning. He has used his passion and knowledge to develop successful junior programs during his career and continues to work with multiple institutions in Denmark sharing his knowledge on how to do so. Marc continues to build his evidence based teaching practice on the latest research in a Game like training environment.

Russell Warneremail coach

Russell Warner

GLT Switzerland Partner

Passion = Golf Coach Education, & Evidence Based Teaching

A UK National and PGA Advanced Professional in Switzerland, Russell has a thirst for knowledge, and coaching skills. Russell is now undertaking a Masters in Sports Coaching at the University of Birmingham. Russell embraces technology, owning Radar, 3D and force plates for assessing, and improving the golfers he works with. Utilizing the technology Russell looks for the most effective way to use it so that it allows golfers transfer their skills to the golf course. Russell is responsible for the PGA of Switzerland's further education system, and looks to help other coaches become the best they can be.