GLT Advisory Board

Don’t Aspire to Be the Best on the Team, Aspire to Be the Best For the Team.

At GLT, we work with specialists from around the globe, each with expertise in specific domains. We believe it is impossible to become an expert in everything, so we have created an advisory board of like-minded people that share our values and beliefs. Evidence-based coaching and a desire to drive golf to the next level is what our advisors do best. Clear goals, not ego, are at the heart of all our advisors relations.

We help coaches create athletes, not just golf swings.

We advise that golfers are challenged every day in training. We help coaches get their players addicted to the process of mastery through training in a Game-Like fashion.

For the past decade, a large amount of people have been grasping enjoyment, fulfillment and excitement from online games. An active 183 million people around the world are engaging in the challenge that these games present. The science behind how people learn runs parallel to the science of how these games are designed. Engaging in addictive and challenging practice that puts golfers on the edge of their ability will undoubtedly result in a higher level of performance and a new breed of athlete.